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2021-05-138482Warningafter crafing rubber when Itry to move to my inventory all ruber disapiring BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138480CriticalI WONT COME BACK FROM SPACE TOO MY PLANETIssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138479CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138478FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138476WarningSo im gaving problem with getting better equipment. I can make better chisel then makeshift that requires copper and i cant get copper with makeshift chiselBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138474FeedbackNeed the ability to zoom the main map in and out so that its possible to determine where one is at. The current map makes it possible to determine where a previously found location is located.General FeedbackBalancingRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138472WarningThe last update took away my crafting. This will not allow me to make what is needed to move forward in the game.BalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138470Criticalinstantly after exiting pod fell below map stuck forever here alone.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138468FeedbackLogged out then logged back in few hours later. All of my grilled meat was gone from my backpack about 40 pieces IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138467CriticalFound a spot in Hive 1 that has no level just open to space but character glitches out and gets stuck. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138466CriticalI have characters before the update and after. I have no hammer to get minerals and my characters die from starvation because I can not cook meat from creatures. How do we get hide from creatures because I never harvested it from any animals. I do not mind the change but there is a lack of info to General FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138465CriticalFirst off none of my new characters start with a hammer. Second to make a hammer you need leather strips and that comes from hide which we get from animals but how do we get hide I can no longer cook meat so my characters keep starving to death and the forge requires fuel but I have no idea what fuGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138463CriticalThe frames here at this pit with this base are terrible unplayable 2 FPS.General FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138461CriticalPlease try to fix the running on terrian issue going to a full stop on almost any raised area is hard to deal with..General FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138460WarningMakeShift Patch tape replacing Patch tape for structures cant build debris huts when starting new game.General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138459WarningReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138458Feedbacki sent a bug thing about F that was my bad i dint notice it was F1. it works fineGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138457Criticalcant click FGeneral FeedbackIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138456CriticalStuck and cannot moveBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138454FeedbackLove this game BUT......please get rid of the mechanic where we have to slow walk or crouch up and down slopes Ive had my butt handed to me so many time trying to fight but I cant move Absolutely hate this and Im not alone. Also a way to sleep the night away would be great. ThanksGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138453WarningFell through the map starting a new character.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138451FeedbackExplosive needs a icon other than cloth and more usesGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138450CriticalFly out of atmosphere get stuck and cant move or leave game need to be out of shit to exit gameReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138449WarningFell below the map into a desolate mapIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138448Warningsmall bugs. Scarburros palm does not register any discoveries regardless of itembeing used and yellow petal palmettodose not register sharp weapon and surgical tool. Scaraband Nervwing icons are incorrectly displayed as the parasyte icon.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138447Warninglogged in and found this inside my base ReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138446Warningframes dropping to 7 fps when looking at certain anglesIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138445FeedbackHavesting is super annoyingGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138444WarningSince the UPGRADE floating things and the Furnace wont upgrade it just takes the material THEN states insufficient things OMG It has taken the material TWICE Please fix itIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138443FeedbackHitboxes on Colossals body and hitboxes on other large creatures bodies could use work. They are kind of difficult to hit even when directly underneath them. adding a reach stat and having different collisions for each reach category.BalancingIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.713
2021-05-138442CriticalLost spaceship on entry to Lutari. built another spaceship. when I landed here I exited and was walking above the ground. IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138441FeedbackShould have the beginner quest have you make the desk thingie first for the pipes before the furnaceReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138440FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138439WarningFurnace Upgrade that allows for no fuel using a power cell. When you do the upgrade it takes the power cell but still wont work without fuel... and there is no actual mention as to what kind of fuel is used.ReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138438WarningStuff flyingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138435Feedbackwhen placing the oxygen tank in the inventory it became stuck and I couldnt get out of the menuIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138434CriticalTo continue on previous sent message from exiting escape pod at start I exited to main menu and tryed to reload to see if it was just a glitch but still stuck at same visual i can walk around but map and character cut in and out. All weather appears to work. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138432CriticalUh...five zinc stuck in the middle of the game. Cant get it out..IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138431CriticalStarted new singleplayer to watch new opening when exiting the escape pod i appeared to fall through map and cant salvage or see anything. Also character in third person cuts in and out. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138430CriticalStarted new singleplayer to watch new opening when exiting the escape pod i appeared to fall through map and cant salvage or see anything. ReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138429CriticalLoaded an old world and my ship was out of bounds now I cannot exit the ship ReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138428CriticalServer disconnect and disconnect imposible to playIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138427CriticalStuck under HabIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138426WarningDismantling salvage chests destroys their contents.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138424Feedbackafter a player crash lands the minimap kinda goes crazy if you look around while still being in the pod. it stops when the player exits the podminor bug but still a issue. Also i love the new cutscene at the beginning but the explosion seems kinda out of nowhere. maybe add like a cause for it.General FeedbackBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-138423CriticalIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138421FeedbackThere is a invisable moutain over the ore. you are not able to get the ore because im standing in the air on lutari at Lat 8.5 Long 3.3IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138419WarningCreatures never stop chasing you. Hit boxes are bad makes it hard to hit anything with dull knife. In like crafting windows text runs out the visible box with no way to scroll down. somewhat confusing to figure out what to make next like the mission is to make a furnace not a work table General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138418WarningCreatures never stop chasing you. Hit boxes are bad makes it hard to hit anything with dull knife. In like crafting windows text runs out the visible box with no way to scroll down. somewhat confusing to figure out what to make next like the mission is to make a furnace not a work table General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138417CriticalEntering atmosphere froze me at altitude and had to exit game now im stuck on another moon with no way to make another spaceship. All the new resources are complicated with dumb names. The previous version with ingots was straight forward and easy to understand. 1 step forward 2 steps back.General FeedbackBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138416WarningI have been polite but now I want to how the hell do I get teh freaking leather so I can progress further in the game Or is this it you can never get any furtherBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138414CriticalStuck on planet game crashed and now I have no ship and cant return to any gameplayIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138413WarningMy whole base moved and now there are rocks in my biodome Got to restart or try to move every thing.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-138412WarningFloting in the air moon planetIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-138410CriticalcAN NOT EXIT VEHICLE.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128409WarningUnable to reset to default keybinds. Unable to rebind all keys. During character creation some of the colors will pick the color adjacent to it instead of the color I click on.BalancingRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128407CriticalServer disconnect all players when are more than 1 fix this please im in public server.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128405Criticalcant select the knifeBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128402Feedbackok so i dont know if you know but when you bounce between storage containers too fast the game will crash. Counld be it does that if you go through any menu windows too fast.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.714
2021-05-128401Warningi can not go backGeneral FeedbackIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128400CriticalNo spaning cretures in US server EAST also bad conection and the combat sytem is annoying you need to be almos on them for hitIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128397WarningReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128396CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128395WarningThe most ugly in game is two things movement and battle mechanic. Movement always unpredictable and twitchy battle just point n click you think you hit mob with the knife but not. Its all annoying. Also its too many freezes and low fps. And annoying jamming waves wrecking the players viewGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128394CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128393CriticalI literally cant leave my base cuz every mob on the map is stalking me.....General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128392CriticalUpon patching up and healing after a remarkable intro scene I broke the door hit F to leave the escape pod and dropped through the world and right in the middle of the desert with NOTHING around.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128391WarningI hit some crab larvaes or whatever it was and it dissapeard instantly also there should be a small guide for gameplay i have no idea what i need firstIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128390WarningMore framerate drops during nightrainflashlightIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128388FeedbackCreating utilities or structures with creative mode turned on appears to break the satisfy conditions for Tutorial Missions i.e. created this forge in creative mode but the mission hadnt been unlocked yet. When unlocked should the success conditiions have been updatedGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128387Criticalstuck under airlockIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128386WarningMining drone is getting hung up on rock pillers.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128384WarningWould like an FOV slider. Thank you.RequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128383WarningFell out of the World. Just joined and fellIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128382WarningReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128381CriticalUhm this structure used to all be on the ground. Now its meters off the ground. General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128379WarningIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128377WarningWhen I loaded my game I appeared back inside my laboratory but Im stuck in the floor. I reloaded and same story. I guess I will have to destroy and rebuild my lab. I can fix this but some players wouldnt think to destroyrebuild a structure theyre stuck inside of.General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128376Feedbackextra pair of arms when equiping either the charge rifle or the heat gun. Not game breaking just a bug.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128375FeedbackIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128374Criticalfall under floor map ReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128373Criticalfall under floor map ReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128372FeedbackMy caracter disappears when someone entering a mech in multiplayerIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128370FeedbackCan not see the ammount of material needed because of middle mouse wheel textIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128368CriticalSTUCK UNDER HABITAT AFTER FALLING THROUGH LIFTIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128367CriticalSpaceship unconrollable after entering back to proteus and damaging self on the groundBalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128365WarningFairly often when I go to put something into a storage container it doesnt always deposit correctly and i get this weird glitch on my screen that stays permanently until logoff. I also lose the materials in the processIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128364FeedbackSpaceship front camera for easy resource findRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128362FeedbackThe glare from the lights are blinding. would be nice if you could tone those down found the source. it was the beacon. couldnt see it through the glare.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128361FeedbackThe glare from the lights are blinding. would be nice if you could tone those downGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128360CriticalStuck in MineIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128359Criticalgive us our blunt weapon back since i am not able to make a blunt weapon i do have pipes but whe canot wack whit on the mineral stonesGeneral FeedbackBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128358WarningDont see any fabricate but the scanner is saying there are some.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128357CriticalAs soon as I got out of my crashed escape pod I fell through the map. I tried exiting the game and load it back up unfortunately I still spawned underneath the map.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128356CriticalSkills tree not workingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128353WarningWhen you respawn from when you die you still have the same resources on you as when you go to colelct your body. You can literally get infinite resources jsut from dying alotBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128351WarningSo I went to upgrade the furnace with the spiffy fuel cell I found in a wreck... but then the thing ate it without upgrading... I had no idea I had to whack on the thing in the back. Now I have no fuel cell and no upgrade. Much dissapoint.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128350Criticallearn how to code full bug ReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128349WarningHow do you exit vehicleReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128348CriticalFurnace upgrade will NOT work with any tool. Pressing LMB has no effect...IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128346CriticalIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128344Feedback...next report....the Crab vehicle is like this. It unfurls when you get on though so its still usable.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128343FeedbackEverytime from returning from a planetary trip the grass is gone and.......next reportIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128342Warninggun turret shots at walls when target is line of sight and cant be seenIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128341WarningCant use the Advance Fabricator. will not let me interact with it and use it at all.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128340CriticalCant use the Advance Fabricator. will not let me interact with it and use it at all.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128339CriticalHi. The tutorial quest normal difficulty does not show you much. I built the basic stuff but I have no idea what to do now. I want to build a forge but I have no idea where to search for the materials.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128338CriticalShip Stuck by Flying AtmosphereBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128336WarningNo Pause Function availableBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128335FeedbacktestReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128334WarningCan not use crude pipe as a weapon thus not gaining rescources needed to imoprove tech.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128333CriticalPod crashed on Helios Hill buildings unable to remove in order to rebuildIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128332CriticalIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128331CriticalErgebnis nach dem updateIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128330CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128327Criticali am on the first misson where you need to pick deribs up you cant use without the right tool for it and you dont get that toolGeneral FeedbackBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128326CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128323WarningUpon leaving the escape pod my player fell through the world.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128319CriticalI was leaving this planet with my space shuttle on the entry of Proteus 2 game crashed i restartet here without my ship. now i am stucked here please a self kill buttonIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128314WarningStill no PAUSE option How to Pause the Game BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128311WarningSchwbende ElementeIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128310WarningMech traction issue. Bad traction especially on flat surfaces. NEED FIX. Suit the same but kind of realistic now. Update losseserrors acceptable. Habitat stuck between floors.BalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128309Warningthe furnace precipitation upgrade says its methane and i cant collect the water or methane or anything from it IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128307FeedbackPressing F3 then F6 leaves the map visible over the skills treeIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128306Criticalfabricator can not be built no out line with all materials creative mode inside the habitatIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128305Criticalfps seems to drop for no apparent reasonIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128303Criticalspawned in fell through worldIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128302Warningcannon does not adjust for altitude of targetIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128301Warningloaded up saved game in sp and traped my in my floor IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128300CriticalMULIPLAYER built character was getting things done met some one got our voice on discord then could not get back into server universe load seems to hesitate got as far as escape pod them client server time out message happened 12 times just after entering serverIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128299Criticalfailed an atmospheric entry on protheus. now got stuck in nowhereIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128298FeedbackPlayer doesnt fit in wallway of radar dishesIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128296WarningMy friend while in a duplicated ship made it invisable when I spawned out of the planet out of no where I really hope this gets fixed.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128295WarningStrange enough as well when I built a ship. It even duplicated on a planet and sometimes whoever gets on it will make the ship disappear along with its stuff. Another ship will appear some IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128294FeedbackThe word emergency has a B instead of a G. ThanksIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128293FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128292WarningThe ship and the other vehciles sometimes disappeared and also when I crashed I seem to spawn only in space but their was no ship around it completely disappeared. I hope this can get fixed. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128291WarningPotatoes cannot be cooked in furnace only alien meat. Tooltip for potatoes says they are more nutricious when cooked.BalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128290FeedbackBug report form does not reset after submitting a bug.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128289WarningIf inventory is full there is no notification that that is why crafting just does nothingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128288WarningIf inventory is full there is no notification that that is why crafting just does nothingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128287Warningare you planinig on having voice or discord channel ... becuase texting stops the gameIssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128286Warningthese bugs rubberband around legs dont function they just slide aroundIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128285Warningcrouching should not be auto engaged its too slowIssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128284Warningyour update has my depositories full of our ingots inside a rock formation. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128282Criticalgot out of ship and am between map stuck in glitch cant move jump nothingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128280CriticalFirst stuck under wrecked habitat and cant escape. Second multiple wrecked buildings bio dome and habitat on multiplayer private are miscounting wreckage remaining for me and friend different values for each when all wreckage cleared preventing fixing base. Lastly wrecked rover half in rockIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128279CriticalFirstReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128278Criticalfalling through the floorReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128274WarningThere seems to be an issue with the walls in mine 2 after running through the tunnle section at the beginnning. BalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128273WarningI lost my supplies and devicesIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128272CriticalI fell through the map upon getting out of the escape pod.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128271Criticalfell through the groundRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128269CriticalSpawned in and fell straight through the world after leaving the pod.BalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128268Criticalstuck in the hiveGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128267WarningFor some reason the couch and bed have glitched under the habitat. The second bed I have is actually inside where it is supposed to be.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128265CriticalEntering Second moon ended up inside moon unable to exit ship nor exit moonIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128264WarningNice job. Floating structuresIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128263CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128262Criticalwhere are the working coloniesGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-128260CriticalTin missing from the game.. unable to progress.. gamebraking... emidiate fix plzBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-128258CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118256CriticalWhy the FCK is there no lead I cant even make a repair bench without lead. I have spend over 4 hours combing this entire planet for lead both visually and with the scanner and nothing. Do you people even bother playing the game before you release an updateReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118255Warningneed a bertter way to find mining droids when they wander off. the green dots do not show up on the map good enough to find them they are the same color as the beacons.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118254WarningIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118253CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118252WarningNone of the mining drones return....IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118251WarningJust began new game. Exited pod and fell.... through th ground... to some underworld.... so am stuck. IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118250CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118249CriticalRTX 3070 Frames dropping to 22IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118246WarningLooks like things are inverted major graphics glitch.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118245WarningLooks like things are inverted major graphics glitch.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118244WarningMy HUD says Im at my habitatbase but its not visible.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118243Criticali have first person bobing off and char is still bobing an it make me sick IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118242WarningDensity rising instead of Destiny rising Under mini map. Spelling error.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118241Warningafter exiting escape pod for first time i fell through the planetRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118240FeedbackI personally would like the crosshair to revert to the small green circle every time I unequip any weapon or tool. The crosshairs seem to stay there from previous tools when I go through the items in my hotbar.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118239FeedbackMy third person camera view clips through the ground when looking up. Only happens in certain circumstances though.General FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118238Warningupon loading new patch fell out of bottom of habitat onto empty landscapeGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118237CriticalAfter the game loaded Im stuck on the habitat floor.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118236Feedbacki need FOV pleaseGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118235WarningThis happend while i was looting a contaner.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118234WarningReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118233Criticalmy space ship is under the mapIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118232Criticali keep falling threw the map when i spawn inIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118231Warningi fell thew te map when i spawned into the gameIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118230Warningi fell thew te map when i spawned into the gameIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118229WarningCrude Pipe is not equipableIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118228WarningFuel Cell Upgrade for Furnace will consume materials but will not install the upgradeIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118227WarningFuel Cell Upgrade for Furnace will consume materials but will not install the upgradeIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118226FeedbackI added fuel in the furnace then exited. Came to the mine and while in the mine I opened my inventory. The fuel screen from the furnace as well as the inventory opened.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118225FeedbackStuck under habitatGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118224WarningThanks for making the game very unplayable with the last patchGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118223WarningThanks for making the game very unplayable with the last patchGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118222WarningCant create multiplayer world. It just says retreiveing avatars forever. Also When can we make colonies again so we can play with our friendsGeneral FeedbackBalancingRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118221FeedbackThank you for the resent updatesGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118220WarningAttacked by crab monster and hit it with knife. Knockback made it fall through terrain undergroundIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118219Warningjust started new game with new update and fell through the groundGeneral FeedbackIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118218FeedbackSomething rendered in the air by the Abandoned DrillIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118217CriticalI fell of my barracks I need helpIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118215WarningHow about you guys actually sit down and listen close this here is important... PLAY YOUR FUCKING GAME WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING THAT FEELS LACKLUSTER AND WORKSHOP THAT SHIT PLAY THE GAME EN MASSE AS A FUCKING OFFICE SO EVERYONE GETS A FEEL FOR IT I can tell your people DO NOT PLAY YOUR GAMERequestReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118213CriticalThe lag on learning hinges is stupid if its needed for the base structures it shouldnt fucking need to be learned fo like the scrap shit and weak shelters This needing a hinge To make a fucking chest is stupid as hell. I shouldnt be running around with 120 of my fucking weight when I haGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118212Feedbackyou make a gread jobGeneral FeedbackReportedStable Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118208CriticalStuck Legs are rag dolled. Cant switch tools.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118207FeedbackBuildings and stuff are floating instead of sitting on the groundIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118206FeedbackI like the new skill tree but perhaps refund the spent points we have used already Otherwise Id have to start from Sol 1.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118204WarningSheild are off when loading into game. Sheild status is not saving.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118203WarningCant access space crafting requirements while on planet. This is not helpfulGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118202WarningCant access space crafting requirements while on planet. This is not helpfulGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118201WarningIMHO now here is too many machines to make items Work bench Forge Furnace Printer and Fabricator. If you think whole gameplay and early game that is too much at start. Printer could be that you use it only at space station to print parts for modules. BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118200FeedbackUnharvested Crash pods still not showing on fabricated scanner IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118199FeedbackI would like to see that scrap plastic and scrap rubber looks same and plastic and rubber looks same. now they are little bit mixed. Other is chunks and other is one piece.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118198CriticalAfter my last lock up not being able to land on any planet on re entry I had to shutdown the game. Now upon loading up I am stuck in space with NO SPACESHIP to go anywhere IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118197Warningstuck under a building lolBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118196FeedbackThe furnace shows several options with differing amounts of water to be produced with differing creation times which is a great feature per container. Could be helpful to have those graphics show the actual amount of water to be produced instead of always being a full container. Just a thought.. General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118195WarningInside the biodome I recently noticed a graphics glitch which drowns out the view while rotating around. Comes and goes not consistent or persistent.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118194FeedbackThe weather mostly rain is visable inside a closedconstructed habbitat. Also there is a weather glitch while passing between cuplings when a hab is connected to another hab biodome or barracks without a hallway. Minor inconvenience in sound and airlock triggering. Still a great game.General FeedbackIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118192FeedbackThank you for creating a graphically beautiful game world. The creative mode is just awsome for someone like me who likes to expreience a true escape from reality while being creative. Great work Much appreciation.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118191Feedbackthe stair is a bit narrowGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118190Feedbacksorry that was mean sorryReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-118189Feedbackdog shitReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-118187WarningCan we please do something about the Giant Beetles Colossus that keep wandering through my basebuildings Every tim e I go outside I have to kill another one harvest his bloodtissuehide then genereally go inside to harvest the final leg. Its getting a little ridiculous I have about 150 tisBalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118186WarningIn the fabricator for creation of the Stim Unit th e only requirements shown are the Cubic Zirconiumj Fuel Cell Talonite and Ferrochrome. The glass jar and chem pack dont know which pack are not shown here. They do show up after creation in the mission area however.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118185WarningIn the fabricator for creation of the Stim Unit th e only requirements shown are the Cubic Zirconiumj Fuel Cell Talonite and Ferrochrome. The glass jar and chem pack dont know which pack are not shown here. They do show up after creation in the mission area however.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118184Criticalfps improved greatly but does return to 5 after alien visit takes time to recoverIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118183Feedbacksays in upper left like a breach in joints at every joint does really hurt just annoying having message every timeIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118182FeedbackRover gastankmobile radar station upgradeRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118181FeedbackPlease make an option for autochange empty barrel when filling up with gasesIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118180WarningPlease make an option for autochange empty barrel when filling up with gasesIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118179FeedbackSoundloop when holding down mouse button for multiple craftingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118178FeedbackSoundloop when holding down mouse button for multiple craftingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,712
2021-05-118177CriticalLag just shot through the roof with the new patches. IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118175Warningnot much use creating a security unit as in both cases now it gets stuck on the side of a mountain or next to a large tree or rock and ivfe seen it disappear inside said rock or tree. Nothing i do makes any difference. it wont follow me when directed to either.General FeedbackIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-118174Warningnot much use creating a security unit as in both cases now it gets stuck on the side of a mountain or next to a large tree or rock and ivfe seen it disappear inside said rock or tree. Nothing i do makes any difference.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-118173CriticalAfter repairing the habitat I was not able to build the kitchen or other indoor appliances for it even though I had the materials.ReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-118171FeedbackPlease make a pauze button normally when your in the option menu or so time stops and you cant get attacked. Cant even pauze to go to the toilet.RequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.712
2021-05-108170Feedbacknickle chromium recipe is nickle carbon.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108168Warningspawn issueIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108167FeedbackokReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108165Warningvehicles need to do damage to aliens especially the wasps. Wasps do not have the capability to alter a vehicles momentum.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108164WarningFlying through planets unable to land on planetsIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108163CriticalStuck entering planet P2. No forward velocity and cant move any direction.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108162FeedbackGUI is somewhat on the large side. On my screen elements even partly overlap I think it gets confused by my unusual resolution 19201200. Maybe make it zoomable General FeedbackRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108161WarningCant seem to make wire looks like it should be on the Fabricator but apparently isntGeneral FeedbackBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108160WarningCant seem to make wire looks like it should be on the Fabricator but apparently isntGeneral FeedbackBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108158FeedbackHi Guys interesting new Skilltrees and Craftoptions. BUT why i need for nearly EVERYTHING in the beginning f... Leather From whitch creature i become it No Chissel in my inventory Knife nearly down no Leather so i can not going on Need to restart and hope ffor a chissel... not so fineReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-108157WarningDroids getting stuck to cliff sides and cannot be released.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108156CriticalStaing in the elevator hole while it decended pushed me out of the mapIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-108154WarningJust a confirmation that ALL structures on Proteus are on LutariIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108153WarningAll structures on Proteus are now on Lutari in midair in most cases or buried in mountains.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108152CriticalGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108149WarningStarted a new game and the capsule is in a structure. Also 2 of the parts are under this structure that I cant complete mission.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108148WarningThe hitboxes of the aliens are too small and they run into stones or walls. thats very frustrating.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-108147WarningGraphical elements appearing on the screen possible connection with wind and shadowsIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-108146Criticaljetpack control in space is terrible. No forward and back control. Just up down and sideways. Which isnt even orientated to the head adn feet.BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108145CriticalIm lost in space. HELP. After navigating to blue star i was like this and i cant find even one single planetIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108144WarningMovement and game play freeze after entering mineIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108143WarningThe repair function doesnt seem to work for tools etc.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108142CriticalFPS drops below 5 turn towards mountain FPS goes up to 50 repeatableIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108141CriticalIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108140CriticalFPS drops below 7 turn towards mountain FPS goes up to 50 repeatableIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108139CriticalFPS drops below 10 too many structuresIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108138CriticalFPS drops below 10 not sure whyIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108137Feedbackdirt in barracks depressurisesIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108136Criticalframes per second drops below 20 with several structuresIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108135Warningpressurized biodome does not leak like a sivIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108134Feedbackpressurized hallway does not leak like a sivIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108133Warningpressurized structure leaks like a sivIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108132CriticalFronzen up when entering mineIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-108130Warningagain cap not placable after hall has been placed and removedIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108129Feedbackdepressurized dirt inside pressurized structure structure the base looks cool when you can build it into side of hill becomes natural barrier to elementsIssueRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-108128Warningcan not seem to add cap to original habitat coupler once hall is removedIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098126Feedbackthe game got stuck and when i restart the plane disappearedGeneral FeedbackBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-098124FeedbackThe legs on the buildings dont always hit the ground. As you can see here the legs are slightly over the goundGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-098123WarningEntirely too difficult to acquire enough circuit board in early game to complete tasks.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098121CriticalStarted game stuck in the floor of the ship and cant moveReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-098120CriticalStuck in Space. Cant land on ANY planetReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098119WarningVisual Terrain does not match collision meshes in this location on LutariIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098118FeedbackCrafting could be made a lot less painful by linking storage containers to crafting appliances. I constantly find myself running back and forth to storage because Im missing one ingredient. Input and output containers would be greatRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098115CriticalStuck on leaving atmoIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-098114FeedbackTheres a Loot in the air in the middle of my screen. It says abanded hopper when i fly up and look at it. and i am able to loot in. but i dont think its look like a hopper and i dont think it need to be in the airReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-098113Warningafter repair ship disappearsIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-098112Warningvehicle cant track off slopeGeneral FeedbackIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098111CriticalReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-098109FeedbackMake plutonium necesary for robots and vehicle batteriesGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098108CriticalMultiple game saves needed because if you die the respawn just has you dying and dying.IssueRequestReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098107Criticalentered spaceship crouched. Ship wont land on a planet.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098105FeedbackWould there be a way to find out what one needs to gather for the construction of the space station before you leave the planetGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098104Criticalflying is broken as fuck. this is the worste flying experience ive ever had in any video game ive ever played in 35 yearsBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098103WarningWhen fighting a crab it seems that he put his head often in the ground.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098102WarningFell through planet surface and became stuck below. Ran around a bit before giving up. I was mining Molybdenum when I fell through.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098101CriticalGameplay is just too tedious as is. Going back to release version. Experimental is not fun or challenging but just tedious and annoying blueprintsrecipes just too complicated insufficient starting tools to actually play and fend off monsters etc.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098100WarningWhen on a hill we can sometimes see the screen becoming darker in the screenshoot we can see the darker screen at the bottom I can see more of it or less of it just by looking up or down.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098099Warninghatch entry to ring module is transparent.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098098Feedbackwalking in the bio dome and on some angles the dome turns blueIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098097FeedbackSkeliopod trapped in stone pillar in diamond room in Mine1.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098096WarningThis is just semi irritating clipping is one thing with the grass sure u know raise up ur buildings sure fine. However plants respawnin within completed buildings very annoyingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098095WarningThis is just semi irritating clipping is one thing with the grass sure u know raise up ur buildings sure fine. However plants respawnin within completed buildings very annoyingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-098094Criticalbecause you cant find water.. which is game breaking you die of dehydration off the start. then when you fucking spawn you have no water and die instantly. fuck this game im getting my money backReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098093FeedbackIm not sure if its the way its ment to be. But i cant make Batterys in the Printer. so im not sure hot to get the SpinnerReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-098091Warningeating and dehydration is MUCH to fast only a few min and your already dehydrated and hungry. this is a survival game... this is far from realistic you are only out maybe 2 to 3 min before you dehydrated which is absurd. BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098090Warningeating and dehydration is MUCH to fast only a few min and your already dehydrated and hungry. this is a survival game... this is far from realistic you are only out maybe 2 to 3 min before you dehydrated which is absurd. BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098089Criticalwhen dying of starvation or dehydration you will repsawn close to death making it impossible to keep playing gameIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098087Criticalwhen dieing of starvation or dehydration you will respawn near death making it impossible to play the gameIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-098086Warningwhen dieing of starvation or dehydration you will respawn near death making it impossible to play the gameIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088085WarningGot stuck in space had to end tast to get out. restarted the game and spawned 1800kls away from base.ship is 657kl away from base.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088082WarningHere is a secfond try at a screenshot. this regards the buildable ceilijng in the first floor habitat since the Fabricator is located between two buildings and second floor habitat must be attached to a coupler.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088081WarningThis ship wreckage seems to be the cause for the huge frame rate drop. When facing away the frame rate is normal.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088080WarningFrame rate really slows down when looking towards the base with all the structures and items. When looking away the frame rate returns to normal.. This usually occurs when returning to the planet from a trip to another planet.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088078WarningCannot get through my airlock. Alien leg is blocking the exit. Clipping through the wall.ReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088077WarningHere is wreckage that is supposed to be on Proteus but is now magically on Lutari.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088076WarningA good example here. A hut that is supposed to be on Proteus is in midair on LutariIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088075WarningAddendum I was wrong the structures on Lutari have disappeared and the structures and items on Proteus are on Lutari. Everything One ship is inside a mountainIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088074WarningUmmm with the little update that was just applied 4.711. All structures and items on Lutari moved about 500 meters. SO the base is in mid air right now.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088073CriticalAfter crashing. I opened the door and then fell into the desertReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088072Warning lots of lag after constructing a base. unsure what causes thgis. running with 64gb RAM ryzen 7 processor and rtx2070 gpu. BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088071FeedbackCrab monster heads not targetableharvestable if body already harvested.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088070CriticalHave killed everything I can find. Still no animal hides or leatherBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.711
2021-05-088069WarningPlants growing back when building is on top of them I know the game is changing alot and you guys have some great plans. i guess im just curious based on the platform will there be terrain modification Lot of objects have been added to the game that are stationary and they clip through buildingRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088068Criticalgame crashing no ship only last pointdamaged worldIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,711
2021-05-088067Warningi have just landed my ship on the moon and im trying to take off again and the ship is stuck in a take off loop where i get to a Certian Hight and it lags to the ground and procceeds to take off again over and over and will not let me do anythig as my ship takes damage IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088065CriticalWhen trying to leave atmosphere of proteus 2 i can not stop the spaceship or change speed even leave to exit the game so will have to end the task thingyIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088064CriticalI keep getting disconnected on Multiplayer experimental branch. This is the second server this is starting to happen on. I would hate to have to start all over AGAIN Please fix this bugIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088063FeedbackLANDING KEEPS BEEING DISABLED IN SPACESHIPIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-088062CriticalThe jprogram STILLL does not allow youo to pick up the Small Solar after piocking it up. Panel lands IN ground upside down and with n o ability to grab it. Trying while crouched doesnt help you have to approach and pick it up at the same time which is not possible. This is the 5th time.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088061WarningMonsters sometimes stuck inside rock texturesIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,710
2021-05-088060FeedbackElidaspider have too big attack range and cant be killed by melee weaponi dont know its planned or not just sayingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,710
2021-05-088059FeedbackShitty map buildGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-088058FeedbackCamera view could go through the wallsIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,710
2021-05-088057WarningCAN YOU MAKE A PLACE TO DOCK THE SPACESHIP ON THE SPACE STATIONRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.625
2021-05-088056FeedbackTRY NOT LIMITING THE DIRECTION LIKE WALKING ON LANDRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.625
2021-05-088052WarningComing out of a mine and planet surface has returned to an earlier version of the base old items returned or moved new itemutilitiesship missing.IssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088051CriticalReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088049FeedbackThe name for the Heat Sink backpack attachment unit is controversial. In computers a heat sink is what helps keep a component cool as in it absorbs or sinks the heat. I think heat sink should be renamed to something more intuitive like thermal generator or portable heater or nuclear...BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088048Warning10 containers and contents have diappeared.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088047Criticalgame froze up in space and on restart kicked me back underground on aziel. cant move anywhere or even access hotkeys.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088046CriticalEntered space from Aziel pointed ship to Lutari and hit space bar. Game locked up and when restarted Im now put back on Aziel and spaceship is gone. Completely stranded and looks like my game has come to and end. Complete and total loss.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088044WarningNeed an ability to sort item stacks by weightRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4,710
2021-05-088043Criticalstuck exiting planetReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-088042CriticalMy computer crashed and when i reloaded i was outside of my space ship and stuck underneath the terain map. Cant move slowly dieing. Time to start another toon. Kinda sucks but love the game just wist there was save increments so you could got beck to an ealier save and contune.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088040FeedbackIn low orbit sometimes it is difficult to find the different moons. Are they to left or right or up or down. Who knows. Is there something you can add to help us navigate to other moons easierGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-088039Criticalwent in mine and cant open door to leaveReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-078037FeedbackStuck o the frozen moon. No ship. No way off this bleak place. IS there any command line entry i can use to spawn a ship here General FeedbackRequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.710
2021-05-078035Criticalunder groundIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-078034Warningafter jumping my mech landed on top of container and its stuck. cant move or jump. just can rotate and shoot. IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-078033CriticalReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078032CriticalI WILL COME THIS WALL FOR YOUReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078031CriticalIch habe versucht auf den anderen Planeten zu landen aber ausser das ich durch den bode fliege negative Altitude ist nichts zu machenIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-078030WarningMY mech crab just disapire just like that. BalancingReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-078028FeedbackIt would be great to be able to remove old structures.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078027WarningThis is now my second charter i have lost or cant use due to hes gliched AgainGeneral FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078024CriticalMAKING THE SPACE STATION THEN IT KEEPS SPINNING BalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.625
2021-05-078021FeedbackWhen you pick up bandages andor patch tape and it is on your toolbar it should automatically combine with what is on your bar unless stack limits dont allowGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078020FeedbackNegative altitude while flying on Lutari infinity terrain areaIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078019WarningIf you press the F key to Drink from the Water Reclaimer instead it adds water to the unit beyond its capacity see screenshot. Right now you can only recharge glass containers not actually drink.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078018WarningNo sanf shows up in inv when you gather.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078016WarningReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078015FeedbackWhen leaving Lutari and entering Proteous my game crashed which is ok. But when I reentered the game it clipped me under the ground on Lutari I lost my ship. I managed to wiggle my way back to the play area but you might want to look into it. Thank you for the hard work.General FeedbackIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-078014WarningMissions disappear from the screen after a reload of the game.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078013WarningWe can still push creatures inside rock.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078011WarningTake too many hits to get red berries with a knife.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078010FeedbackDuring the night the white glow on thing around make the environment look a bit cartoonish. In the screenshot the crab is dead but when it was alive we could see the white glow better.General FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078009WarningI dont see rock outcropping in the radar either on fabricated or low density. Also now all the resources are not showing in the radar. I see them for 12 a sec. then nothing.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078008WarningI dont see rock outcropping in the radar either on fabricated or low density.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078007WarningThe crate seems to float in the air. Better view of it.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078006WarningThe crate seems to float in the air.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078005Warningstuck in airIssueReportedStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-078004WarningInside the phoenix base the texture of the inside of the base seems strange or maybe that happens when night is coming. With light on it is better. But I think the base at night should be improve to make it more realistic.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078003WarningInside the phoenix base the texture of the inside of the base seems strange or maybe that happens when night is comingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078002WarningIn the spaceship on the map if we try to go to the cockpit we fell to the ground.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078001Criticalmy client gets disconnected from multiplayer every few minutes roughly. this started happening after I tried to fly to another planet and i got disconnected which leaves my ship in space right now.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-078000Warningon Lutari im walking up in to the air at this area us east exp branch multiplayer privetIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077999FeedbackOn Aziel scaner not working does not show any resources in first or thrid personReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077998WarningIn Biodome and no lights coming on. Hard to see at night without internal lightingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077997FeedbackUnable to pick up sand from groundIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077996WarningThe game is no longer pyable in my opinion. Too many things have been made too difficult to maake or find. It is no longer enjoyable. Sorry maybe in another year or two when youre done messing it up...BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077995FeedbackCan we get a setting for field of view it feels a bit cramped on the screen.RequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077994WarningSkeliopod on AzielIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077993CriticalBugged under the platformIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-077992FeedbackI think it would be nice if you could hit F to back out of a container or workstation. It would just be a nice quick action since it is the same key to go into itGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077990FeedbackShooting undiscovered plants gives you discovery for plant if destroyedGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-077989FeedbackStill able to drink tree sap and alien blood from glass jarsGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067988Warningthe inflatable dome sounds are reversed. I even flipped my headset to check and then the sound was correct.ReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067986CriticalAfter accessing storage containers I can no longer select or change tools.ReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067985CriticalCan get caught on asteroid in Theseus orbit when attempting to re enter. End up locked in re entry animation.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067984WarningI have a duplicate ship south of my current position. Also it appears to have identical cargo onboard.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067982Criticalno upgrades available on craft and repair benches. Cannot create suit startion upgradeReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067981FeedbackWalked up and dismantled habitat apparently the cursor was placed in such a way as to trigger the wall menu. Habitat dismantled but now wall menu stuckIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.709
2021-05-067980FeedbackWhen using the lifter to go down the character does little jumps at the same time the lifter is moving.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,709
2021-05-067979FeedbackEverytime I start or come back from a interplanetary trip the poor machanized crab is like this.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067978Criticalstuck in Hive some of tunnels not complete and there is no walls its going right in open spaceReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067977FeedbackThe weather is inside the building at the JOINT structure.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067976FeedbackThe pillars of the above structure barracks can be seeing on the bottom structure habitat.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067975FeedbackWe need some type of stairs for the joint between the habitat and the custom building because if not we have to jump to acces the other side.RequestReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067974FeedbackThe robots cant cross your own force field.BalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067973FeedbackOn the left side of this ramp there is hole that makes you fall down.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067972FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4,708
2021-05-067971WarningIs the Advanced Fabricator ever going to be back in the game and functionalIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067970FeedbackPlease ignore the Assault Rifle does not load ammo in backpack that was due to them being D25K Assault Rounds which I see you have removed from the Forge as an option.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067969Criticallost in space. need nav markerBalancingIssueReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067967CriticalNo Zinc on Proteus 2. I discover all of the map and 2 mines. Please fix it because cant craft Brass and other tools that broke craft tree.BalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,707
2021-05-067966WarningStorage capacity sometimes disappearReportedExperimental Build 0.4,707
2021-05-067965WarningAssault Rifle does not load ammo in backpack.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067964WarningNeverending pick upIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4,707
2021-05-067963CriticalCant go FORWARD. mY w KEY WONT MOVE ME FORWARD. tHE MINING TOOL DOESNT EFFECT ANYTHINGBalancingReportedStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067962FeedbackUpgrading of Forge and Furnace work with 4.708. I feel like a total idiot when realizing I should have used the Mechanized Spanner to do the upgrade. Sorry for bugging you about it. Making it automatic is idiot proofing it. Thank youGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067961FeedbackIf you are missing items you can not add buildables or items to the build menu. You use to be able to click an item to craft and if you couldnt make it youd have a list of stuff so you could grab it from storageIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.708
2021-05-067960WarningMaking the game unplayable Need to put leather Animal skins back in the game or let us use cloth instead. This is getting annoying taking things out and putting them back over and over... Almost ready to give up on game all togetherGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067959FeedbackNew passageway in mine not quite lining up properlyGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067958WarningConfirmed 4.707 Furnace still does not produce anything with correct materials in the backpack.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067957Feedbackthe ability to make soil is not working.General FeedbackBalancingIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067955FeedbackNervwing needs some kind of sound such as buzzing to alert player when close. They tend to sneak up on you while harvestingGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067954FeedbackNervwing using Parasyte model in discoveryIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067953FeedbackCrashed pod not showing on Fabricated filter. Says Fabricated in descriptionIssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067951FeedbackSome upgrade descriptions still say Use Multitool rather than Use Tool. Example upgrading furnance or workbench. Use Tool is a lot less confusion since it does not reference a specific toolGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067950FeedbackMapGPS need some way to zoom in and out of map to see larger map. Help with navigationGeneral FeedbackReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067949WarningConfirmed 4.707 still cannot upgrade Forge.. IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067948Warning4.707 still cannot upgrade Furnace. Or any Appliance.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067947Warningyou go though food and water like its going out of style. also need a map for minesBalancingReportedExperimental Build 0.4.707
2021-05-067946WarningStill cannot upgrade equipment the LMB does not work.IssueReportedExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067945FeedbackDust cloud from Mining Bot while following player. Shouldnt have cloud sometimes blocks player vision while moving and following just when miningIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067944WarningStorage locker clips through normal wall on habitat.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067943Warningyou can no longer destory storage lockers even though it will give you the option. once you confirm the option to destroy the locker it simply stays put.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067942Criticalship sequence. cant get out.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067941Warningyou can hear the outside when moving between barracks and habitat. contruscted coupler to coupler with no hallway in between. you also leave the oxygen recovery enviroment as well when standing between the couplers.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067940FeedbackDescription still persists when you consume the last of something and it is no longer in your inventory. Example Eat last berry and the description shows until select something elseIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067939Warning1 week i stuck in ice planet.in mark my ship in front of me but look at the range 1000m in space.help me already 1 week no solution in my bug stuck in this ice planetIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067938WarningBoth vehicles are stuck and cant move. have to dismatnle them IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-067937FeedbackIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-067934CriticalI came back to base and I am missing my laboratory a depository and a partially built barracks...... helpIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067933CriticalWhen building the satalite dish you can not deconstruct it and if you are stood in the wrong place you get stuck and cant do anything. deconstructing the satalite would be useful as would the ability to become unstuck without having to dieRequestIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067932WarningCannot remove the oxygenator from the habitat to move it on a different place. I get the materials but the device itself is still present.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067930WarningWhat happened to all the animal hides CANNOT make leather or leather strapsBalancingIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067929Warningship got duplicated IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-067928FeedbackCollosus walked into rock might be stuck nowIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067926WarningOxygenators and climate controllers in a repaired pregen habitat cannot be dismantled. You gain the resources but the items stay. Tested with survival tool crab screwdriver and multitool.BalancingIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067924FeedbackAziel...HookRoach model are broken when i am to close...IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067923WarningWhat a hack Aziel .. when ai exit from robot.. i am on another place far anway from robot. Please fix it. THX. JakubIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067922WarningWhat a hack Aziel .. when ai exit from robot.. i am on another place far anway from robot. Please fix it. THX. JakubIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067920Feedbackfell through the floor of the spaceship parked by hades hiveIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067919WarningUnable to create lab I have created 3 satalites but 1 satalite is more than 50m away but for some reason its counting that as well. The requirement is for 1 satalite within 50mIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067918FeedbackSmall crates in wrecked base modules respawning loot when you exitre enter gameIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067917Warning In ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067916FeedbackRobot movment are worst than before update. Thin is very very rare ...thank you. JakubGeneral FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067915FeedbackSeveral ores not visible but on minimap from radarIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067914Feedbackthe old rover model is inside the new one.General FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.706
2021-05-067913FeedbackPlant inside rock BloodLeaf ForestIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067912FeedbackArachcheetle Beetle not showing on discovery screenIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067911WarningHunger above 50 and still getting warning You are starving eat in pressurized areaIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067910WarningWas unable to craft either makeshift tape or bandages even when I had all the materials. Closed and reopened crafting and was able to craftIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067909FeedbackCrashed pod landed in wrecked biodome on startIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067908WarningWent into Beta mines and came back out. Entire Settlement reset to a previous save however some buildings furniture and items were still there but new buildings were gone.In ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-067907Warninglisted items require a battery but all batteries are listed as power cell.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067904WarningCan someone fix the texture of the froge.General FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.705
2021-05-067903WarningExisting gas tanks cannot be filled or emptied as of latest update.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067902FeedbackJust noticed Mine 2 has a glitch around the tunnelIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067901CriticalOkay so I am not stuck in the sky anymore... but there are not features except the base ground graphics.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067900WarningDidnt blades previously allow you to skin an animal for leather. I see the skin option rather than butcher but still get alien tissue.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067899WarningDidnt blades previously allow you to skin an animal for leather. I see the skin option rather than butcher but still get alien tissue.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067898WarningNone of the starter tools seem to produce leather.In ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067897CriticalI was flying when the game stopped responding when I came back the ship stopped 1500 meters away and Im stuck even leaving and returning I cant leave the place the impression I have is that I am under the texture.General FeedbackIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4,704
2021-05-067896CriticalI was flying when the game stopped responding when I came back the ship stopped 1500 meters away and Im stuck even leaving and returning I cant leave the place the impression I have is that I am under the texture.General FeedbackIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4,704
2021-05-067895FeedbackGeneral FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067894Warningsome items require battery theres only a way to make power cells they use the same icon n everything. auto turrets take battery for instance.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-067893FeedbackFeedback BonusPenalties from Space Suit Upgrades should be visible somewhere in the UIGeneral FeedbackBalancingIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067892WarningHad speed buff from Barracks furniture. At some point I became superfast just walking and couldnt slow down. Became really hard to get in and out of habitat. Getting buff again reset speed to more acceptable levelIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-067891WarningWanted to make sure was reported. Selecting containers either storage or build utilities but easiest to see on stacked storage sometimes selecting last one opened rather than intended target. Have to wait 3 5 seconds between opening containers for it to work properlyIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-057890Warningit seems the etrance to the mine at alpha refinery location is not active. Is this as intendedGeneral FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-057889WarningJust went to delete the roof of my base.... it deleted the base.... lost EVERything.BalancingIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057888CriticalPlaying on a Private server with 2 people only one was active at the time. I had just spent about an hour or so on Lutari gathering all the Zirconium and Obsidian i could find as well as any other named material. As i left Atmosphere to head back to Proteus the game crashed and put me to the game sIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.704
2021-05-057887CriticalAttempts to go into the alpha mine causes my game to crash. IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057886CriticalI was salvaging a dome when I ended up here for no reason.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057885CriticalIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057883Criticaljust gets stuckIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057878WarningOMPA is stuck in follow and wont dislodge itself from this tree. AI pathfindingGeneral FeedbackIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057877WarningI left my Mecha Crab here but it does not spawn here. Were it isIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-057876FeedbackSatalites occasionally spawn infinate barrels. lost hoverbike when entering a mine.BalancingIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057875WarningMy locator was misplaced as i was trying to swap it into my hot bar how do i getn it back or make oneBalancingIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057874WarningWhen holding a gun or shovel is arms are well not where they should be IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057873WarningThisis where my mining Drone is BUt we cant see him or collect from him nowIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057872WarningIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057871CriticalIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-057870Warningcannot make the crab vehicle because i cannot get crab meat anymore.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057867Warningcan no longer equip the stone blade to harvest crab meat. I have a pistol and assault rifle as weapons but they do not allow crab meat harvesting only alien meat which cannot be convertedto crab meat.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-057866FeedbackTwo things that would be nice to see. One would be a dismantling bench for tools and weapons we find and make that we dont need so we can get a few resources back form it. The other would be a fully customizable keybinding page to include a menu close button that we can change from the preset esc.General FeedbackRequestIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-047865Critical6al 4v does not spawn. Last attempt had a partialingot shape kept flashing in ground but cannot pickupIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-047864CriticalBalancingIssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-047863CriticalHit boxes on the horseshoe crab mob keeps failing. Cannot hit with anything but can damage me. Even after restarts they spawn back and keep picking at me.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047862Warningmining robots stuck on hillsIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047861FeedbackHabits has no pillars and the airlock ramp does not go down after reentering the planet it was when I was building it.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-047860CriticalJust entering prometheus. decend stuck on 11744.51 alt. Doesnt increase or decrease.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4,500
2021-05-047857Criticalcant exit the mineIssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047856Warningcant exit to mine in space.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-047855WarningCant remove this piece of wall. if i confirm dismantle it just stays there.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
2021-05-047854CriticalWhile moving my hand scanner it somehow didnt make it into my bar. Now its missing.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047853WarningWhile moving my hand scanner it somehow didnt make it into my bar. Now its missing.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047852WarningWhile moving my hand scanner it somehow didnt make it into my bar. Now its missing.IssueIn ProgressStable Build 0.4.500
2021-05-047851WarningCannot upgrade to Precision Forge as LMB click does nothing.IssueIn ProgressExperimental Build 0.4.654
Total Feedback: 128Total Warning: 217Total Critical: 155