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2019-08-0919FeedbackIf possible, add option to change font size... this beta looks more fluid and optimized, nice job ;)In ProgressGood idea, we'll look into it.
2019-08-0920WarningEarly machines are a bitt too expensive we shoule also be able to craft wire at a workbechReported
2019-08-0923Warningwhen crafting in the makeshift workbench, if you have excess of the required materials it will consume all materials and only provide one crafted resourse. EG: if you add 4 pieces of scrap rubber and craft you still only get one rubber. Reported
2019-08-0924WarningWhile inventory was full I examined an item on the ground tried to drop an item from inventory and lost the item i was examining. Also while typing this all in game hotkey commands are active.Reported
2019-08-0927WarningHello The Propelant Regulator deletes the O2 and water bottle after you refill them, if you press ESC and not F key.Reported
2019-08-0928WarningHello Trying to use this bench Reported
2019-08-0929Warninghello sorry the last mesage i sent in error this bench gives me a lot of pistol grips. i put the pistol grip on the side of the thing i wanted look at when i try to pick it up it went all buggy.Reported
2019-08-0931WarningPlacing H2O bottel direct from suit to propellant regulator and filling it when inventory is full. Bottle was unable to be picked up, and when stepped away to make room, bottle was gone when returning.Reported
2019-08-0933Warningerrr...OSiris ground team to Motherbase, it appears my joints are warping at uncomfortable angles whenever i sprint and jump into a rocket boot jumpReported
2019-08-0936WarningThe laboratory wall was built incorrectlyReported
2019-08-0937FeedbackDo we have a flashight? L is not turning it on.Reported
2019-08-0938FeedbackWhy do i need a pistol grip to dismantle my pod when i have a perfectly good laser cutter and chisel?Reported
2019-08-0939Feedbackwhat do you use to recharge laser cutter with? How? Reported
2019-08-0940WarningNot find the parts for the low tech raderReported
2019-08-0941WarningBefore this update there where 4 missions to find undefine items and one of those missions had the part for the low tech rader. Do like that move 3 of 4 mission to be closer to the starting point. Hopefully you be able to debug this and get a fix in or put something on your telio boardReported
2019-08-0942WarningWhen using the make shift work banch or the regulaor, when add a stock of items, they are using the complete stack. for exampe if the knife need 1 each of two item, instead it use the complete stack.Reported
2019-08-0944WarningI try to repair the laser cuter with the pistol grid. If i take it back to inventar, i get more than one pistol grid back. I drop some on the ground you can see?Reported
2019-08-0945Warningunable to craft duraliminum in the propellant regulator. recipe requies 2 copper and 2 aluminumReported
2019-08-0946Criticalinvintory consistantly deletes items and when crafting it does not just take what is needed it takes everything in the crafting invintory. this is an even bigger promblem because there is no good way to get an exact amount of somthing.Reported
2019-08-0949WarningWhen crafting in the makeshift workbench, if you put in double the recipe, it uses all the resources but only gives 1 of the item. Reported
2019-08-1050Feedbackhello some items in inventory go over the max allowed for the slot. Reported
2019-08-1051WarningHello I want to eat this bug i am starving. I guess the mobs on this planet are not implementedReported
2019-08-1052FeedbackHello There is nothing on this Planet apart for couple of crashed satelites around the crashed site how do the mobs eat on this planet when there is nothing eat. I guess they will eat me as i am about to die.......Reported
2019-08-1053WarningThe ground was not there when I loaded into my dome and walked out.Reported
2019-08-1055WarningI lose any resources I put in if I tab out while using the propellant regulatorReported
2019-08-1060CriticalPra quem joga Osiris New Dawn a anos, como eu, essa nova versão beta está muito dificil, eu diria quase impossível! Amo esse jogo e estou decepcionado com a dificuldade!Reported
2019-08-1061Warningcannot add h20 to assigned slot Reported
2019-08-1062WarningMakshift workbench uses up all materials not just whats required. And there is no way to recharge laser cutter so I can gather from rocks.Reported
2019-08-1063WarningSaved and logged because items vanished from inventory while dragging around. After logging back in most lost items were on ground as well as some duplicate items, a few were lost completly, O2 tank specifically.Reported
2019-08-1066WarningIm at the coordinates 5.06 Lat, -1.56 Long, and theres nothing here.Reported
2019-08-1067CriticalHavent recived my o2 tank.Reported
2019-08-1072FeedbackRequired components (left) are not updated with new items inventory.Reported
2019-08-1073FeedbackSome scrapeble components at start are not visible or highlighted.Reported
2019-08-1074FeedbackUtility blueprints are placed facing away from playerReported
2019-08-1075FeedbackCan not include screenshot of inventory. Scrap metal stacks beyond limit (7/5).Reported
2019-08-1076FeedbackExcess ingredients are destroyedReported
2019-08-1077FeedbackGal-iV required reset (esc) of propellant regulator after production of o2Reported
2019-08-1078WarningMissing items from containers, new items at crash site, on save and restartReported
2019-08-1180WarningThere is no search button No water on this planet How are we suppose to test things when we cannot find ore and stuff and cannot create any devices to make anything.....Reported
2019-08-1182Warning1. C-key does nothing 2. the enter key for chat not working.......Reported
2019-08-1189Criticalobjects dissapear if player try to put them in full inventoryReported
2019-08-1190WarningItem placed in propellant regulator gets deleted if you exit the propellant view before taking your itemReported
2019-08-1191CriticalWe really need desciption before building something so we know what we are farming for.Reported
2019-08-1192WarningNeed a food supplyReported
2019-08-1193FeedbackNeed ability to place markers on the map.Reported
2019-08-1194Critical2 make shift storage crates full exited game and reloaded all apart from 2 items goneReported
2019-08-1195CriticalEvery time you fall a litle bit, this just stops your movement. This makes the exploration very boring since you cant run without beeing stoped every second.This need to be fixed, this is really game breaking.Reported
2019-08-1196Criticali put enough materials to craft severals ingots, but instead i only got one and the rest of the materials gets deleted. Another totally gamebreaking bugReported
2019-08-1197FeedbackGenesis Site B -0.56,-1.19 nothing at location and missions does not recogniseReported
2019-08-1198WarningAlien invisible, cannot attack. A source of food?Reported
2019-08-1199FeedbackThe chisel needs to be more promement. its easy to over look, spent 5 minutes walking in circles trying to find it.Reported
2019-08-11100FeedbackThe propellent regulator should take scrap hoses or regular hosesReported
2019-08-11104Warninghello when i recharge h2o one bottle have been vanishd thanksReported
2019-08-12105Feedbackmap needs custom markers to mark stuff to come back to and mission objectives need to be on the hud!! plaese!!!Reported
2019-08-12106WarningPlacing excess items in crafting table does not yeild multiple items back, you just loose any items in excessReported
2019-08-12107FeedbackFound a bug to where if you crouch and standup you remain in a crouched position in first person and you are unable to jump unless you move forward a bit.Reported
2019-08-12109WarningI was using the propellant regulator to refill my water tank, i was moving my mouse to get the prompt to pick it up and it wasnt working. i pressed esc to leave the regulator and reposition and my water tank disapeared.Reported
2019-08-12110WarningWhen I use the makeshift workbench. if the recipe requires lets say 3 scrap metal and I put a stack of 5 the remaining 2 metals disapearReported
2019-08-12111FeedbackLots of great improvements especially in enviorment. However, crafting too complex and not intuitive. It is difficult to know how to proceed and progress. Too much time roaming around lookng for missions. Maybe I missed something but then games should lead players forward.Reported
2019-08-12112FeedbackLots of great improvements especially in enviorment. However, crafting too complex and not intuitive. It is difficult to know how to proceed and progress. Too much time roaming around lookng for missions. Maybe I missed something but then games should lead players forward.Reported
2019-08-12113WarningAlso noticed when i picked up my scattered loot that again some of it has duplicated.Reported
2019-08-12114FeedbackGot stuck on one of the escape pod wreckages after trying to salvage parts. I thought I could go inside somewhat and salvage more, So i jumped on one of the already salvaged parts. My character became stuck in a "fall" motion and couldnt get out.Reported
2019-08-12118WarningAdd screen resolution 3440?1440 (21?9)Reported
2019-08-12119WarningKey binding always came back to default every time i exit the game so i have to keybind again every time i play .Reported
2019-08-12120FeedbackI always have some ressources on the floor every time i connect even if i already picked this up the last time i played.Reported
2019-08-12124CriticalO2 tank randomly disapears.Reported
2019-08-12125FeedbackWhen aiming the laser cutter it is off center.Reported
2019-08-12126FeedbackCan there be more charachter color options.Reported
2019-08-12127WarningI cant figure out how to build the inflatable dome kit. maybe im dumb but rightclick makes my cursor dissapear Reported
2019-08-12128WarningThe domes door is extreamely loud when it shuts closed.Reported
2019-08-12130WarningWhen i Cnacle my building from the domekit and probably anything else the green blueprint doesnt dissapearReported
2019-08-12131FeedbackBug 1: Inflatable dome kit issued to slot 4 - built dome, still shows dome in hotbar, but not in inventory, will probably change once new item is hotkeyed, but should change beforehand either way. Bug 2: Gas node that is not on a flat surface (angled) has gas coming out, angled as welReported
2019-08-12132CriticalWhen typing develpment feedback, in game keys are still active. Flashlight, etc...Reported
2019-08-12133FeedbackMissions are completed while inactiveReported
2019-08-12135FeedbackList of requirements is not updated when added to inventoryReported
2019-08-12137Feedbackretain excess to completed mission coordinatesReported
2019-08-12138FeedbackSpelling error during mission objective F3 Vicinity spelled wrong.Reported
2019-08-12139FeedbackMinerals for Duralumin are not recognized when first selecting Duralumin and then adding the minerals.Reported
2019-08-13140WarningHello Duplication bug. Throw item on ground, save, exit, load game, pick items, save, exit, load game, pick items, repeat.... no more starving on this planet. :)Reported
2019-08-13141WarningHello I am at 0.70 lat 1.67long the object mission is burried deep in the mountain unable to complete.Reported
2019-08-13142CriticalNo food sources. No water sources. No cells for the laser cutter. This game looks FANTASTIC! Game play SUCKS!!!Reported
2019-08-13144WarningStuck in doom bridgeReported
2019-08-13146CriticalStuck in some of the wreckagesReported
2019-08-13148CriticalThere still is an issue regarding crates. Only one crate saved its contents, the other lost all itemsReported
2019-08-13151WarningAfter recharging the oxygen tank in the propellant regulator, when you afterwards try equip it it disappears from existence! :) Reported
2019-08-13152WarningSelecting metals on the metals list for the map, does not make them appear on the map. Even when you are standing right next to a node.Reported
2019-08-13154CriticalI feel if you do one thing wrong you have to start the game all over again, I repaired a scrape hose I found and then need a scrape hose to make the propellent generator so I could have O2, I searched 3 different satillites for scrape hoses and found nothing, I died. Reported
2019-08-13155WarningLeaving propellant regulator with tank inside deletes tankReported
2019-08-13156WarningPutting multiple items in the propellant regulator deletes left over items Reported
2019-08-14160CriticalThere is no way to progress because you need the forge to create refined metals yet you cant build forge because refined metals are required to build itReported
2019-08-14161Warningitems gone when they are to much Reported
2019-08-14162CriticalStuck on this screenReported
2019-08-14163Criticalcant close user interfaceReported
2019-08-14164Warningitems float after attempting to store them with a full inventory from the inspect screen, becoming stuckReported
2019-08-16167Criticalnot being offered to explore wreckages as missions, game went blank after pressing exit in another session, Reported
2019-08-16168Warninghi? repair workbench its amazing Reported
2019-08-16171WarningRefined metals not stackableReported
2019-08-16172CriticalChromium not shown on map and no hint where to find. Reported
2019-08-16173Feedbackreduce door hinge noise when entering inflatable domeReported
2019-08-17178FeedbackPlease add discription to Propellant reg. took for ever to figure out thats where to get o2. im sure its already on the list!Reported
2019-08-17180FeedbackThe display is out of focusReported
2019-08-17181FeedbackWheres the food!?!?!?!?!Reported
2019-08-18182FeedbackJust placed two cloth coushions on makeshift workbench. I forgot to select to make cloth. I just selected build and it only gave me four cloth. I should have received eight clothReported
2019-08-18183Warningplaced chisel in melle slot on propellant regulator. placed O2 tank in Oxygen slot. pressed build. chisel is gone and missing.Reported
2019-08-18184FeedbackWow! That sums it up. I bought this game when it first came out. This is shaping up to be better than I thought it was going to be. Incredible graphics, it feels like I am in a movie. Keep it going I cannot wait to see the end product. Great Job.Reported
2019-08-18186CriticalMy O2 tank vanished while trying to make room in my inventory on the Propellant Regulator. I was able to get the laser to work by just clicking on a deposit I needed to mine.Reported
2019-08-18204Criticalo2 tank deleting and order item deleting Reported
2019-08-18205CriticalWhen in Propellant Regulator, after refilling your O2 but having no free equipment slots the item is lost.Reported
2019-08-19208FeedbackIf you put higher amount of materials than needed, when crafting, materials will dissapear.Reported
2019-08-19209FeedbackIt is possible to get stuck on wreckage.Reported
2019-08-19211CriticalParts for furnace ie 2 motors 1 filter 1 power source gone after saveReported
2019-08-19212CriticalUNSTUCK FEATURE Reported
2019-08-20214CriticalToo many parts and materials. Not enough resources (like oxygen) to permit exploration.Reported
2019-08-20215WarningMissions for sat are either in unreachable places or stuck inside the landscape like this one here at 4.3 lat -4.8 long.Water has no splash effects,unerwater effect and you walk normally through it. Still no creatures like old osiris used to have.....Reported
2019-08-20216WarningNo missions?Reported
2019-08-21218Criticalunable to put or take parts out of Furnce.... nor close the Panel..... Now I can not use the Furnce... Why include this feature in the testing... Just take out. Last patch I left area to get minerals and came back to part missing and was not able to use then. Reported
2019-08-21219Warningwhen day changes to night the screen sometime goes all black with With shading when in first person. and stays that way till day time....Reported
2019-08-21220CriticalStill hard the Find tools at start of game. maybe just put all tools in one spot or just include on your at start.Reported
2019-08-21223Criticalcant make duralumin Reported
2019-08-21224Feedbackdome often doesnt clear ground in front of ramp,, please make dome re-packable again...perhaps it would take up most or all of inventory to carry it? Reported
2019-08-22226CriticalHydrogen Storafe does not work... Says to check Utility panel.... But there is no Panel. Please fix so it can be used and tested.Reported
2019-08-22227CriticalRemove all Healing and Bandage. There is no reason for it in the game right now do to the fact you never get hurt. at more Batterys at crash or to be found. Reported
2019-08-22228FeedbackSoft rock model next to crash ship, can clip throughReported
2019-08-22229FeedbackPanel will not remove from wreck at full percentage of progress.Reported
2019-08-22230FeedbackWhy does the view in the capsule blur when i get close?Reported
2019-08-22231FeedbackMakeshift workbench refers to making cloth canvas from seat cushins the resource does not appear in the wreck.Reported
2019-08-22232FeedbackEquipment should support double-click installation without draggingReported
2019-08-22233FeedbackStone thrown away will not automatically take down a stoneReported
2019-08-22234FeedbackThe number of items in the box should be displayed when pointing at the mouseReported
2019-08-22235FeedbackThe number of items in the box should be displayed when pointing at the mouseReported
2019-08-22236FeedbackFeedback function should support button startup, some interfaces can not be screenshotsReported
2019-08-22237FeedbackTemporary construction bars should be added to the screen and a lot of time should be wasted in the process menu looking for construction projects when a building is repeated.Reported
2019-08-22238FeedbackAn omnidirectional lamp should be added.Reported
2019-08-22239Warningi use xbox controller to play, when i change key bindings in settings, and hit save and continue.. every time i quit game and restart it does not save my key bindingsReported
2019-08-22240Warninglandscape turns all black, when you go to place a building or utility it then seems to want to put it underground. after a while things seem to go back to normal, noticed this issue mainly happening during the night periodsReported
2019-08-22241Warningi was using the propellant regulator to fill my oxygen tank, my backpack was full. when it had topped up my tank, the regulator doesnt allow you to take it straight to its special o2 utility slot, so i had to pick something else from my inventory to drop it first. in doing so, my o2 tank vanished :(Reported
2019-08-22242WarningMake Utilitie Builds like extracters only able to be build over gas or water, or where ever it is ment to be used.Reported
2019-08-22248FeedbackSlow frame rate and graphics go black and white for a period.Reported
2019-08-22249Criticalin propellant regular, cannot place more than one of every resource with maximum 3 solts, and cannot build all components that need 4 resourcesReported
2019-08-22250CriticalStuck on top of chest, unable to move.Reported
2019-08-22251WarningI fell down into a cave. After some walk i came to an end of the tunnel. When i turn back,there is a wall, so im am basicly trapped in a room without an opening.Reported
2019-08-22252Feedbackwhe I palce a mineral into the propellant regulator it only puts one at a time, this is fine for eveything except durrallumium as it requries 2 copper and 2 alluminium and I can only place 3 not 4 minerals into it. right now I cannot make durrillunium in the game.Reported
2019-08-22254CriticalWhen I start a new game sometimes there is no chisel to be found arround the crash site.Reported
2019-08-22255CriticalI just got stuck standing on escape pod trying to get some scrapes. Happend to me in previous beta as well. Reported
2019-08-22257Warningthere is no scanner at the crash siteReported
2019-08-22258Warningbug with the dome :) Reported
2019-08-22259FeedbackPropellent Regulator only has 3 slots for miniterals and Duralumin requires 2 copper and 2 aluminum. 4 minierals cannot be placed on crafting station. Recommend changing to 1 copper or adding a fourth slot.Reported
2019-08-23261WarningUpon first starting the game on Gemini Site B there is often on pistol grip or chisel. This makes extended play problematic if not impossible.Reported
2019-08-23263FeedbackThe scrap glass is purple when in the workbenchReported
2019-08-23264WarningWrecked satellites/droids frequently spawn inside of large boulders which makes them impossible to accessReported
2019-08-23265FeedbackI can see the inside of the character model when looking down. This is more visible while runningReported
2019-08-23266CriticalShelter set on uneven ground, when returning to game, if part is on level, you cannot leave the shelter.Reported
2019-08-23267FeedbackThis is probably normal, but I was salvaging the first satelit next the crash site and I was then teleported to a cave! :-)Reported
2019-08-23268Feedbackthe alian monster are not dyingReported
2019-08-23269Feedbackthe monster are not attacking me Reported
2019-08-23271Feedbacki look on map and cant find copper on itReported
2019-08-23273WarningAfter a quick reload I came across this game breaking bug. Ten crash sites on top of a huge ditch that they have cut into the ground. I counted the number of Inflatable Domes to get the number. Reported
2019-08-24282FeedbackPlease add a hover tank. Reported
2019-08-24283CriticalI need to able to set a new navpoint on the compass display. It only points to the capsule and I dont really need that. I cannot find my way around and am unable to locate any mission objectives. Reported
2019-08-24284WarningNight time last way too long. Can you make it to last like 1/2 daytime. I spend too much time stumbling around the dark.Reported
2019-08-24285CriticalJust terrible. I wander around like a lost soul until the o2 is gone. I cant build anything, I cant collect resources. I cant really accomplish anything at all. At least in the original game Id be gather stuff and building some basic things just to stay alive. In this version I can do NOTHING AT ALReported
2019-08-24286CriticalIt is common to get permanently stuck on the wrecks and certain buildings like scrap crates. The only fix is reloading the save.Reported
2019-08-24287FeedbackSalvage not correctly givng up any productReported
2019-08-24288Feedbackdifficult to work around initial patch tape inventoryReported
2019-08-24289Feedbackwhy it has interference on the display when we play, not in the menu but during the game it has no sens.Reported
2019-08-24290Warningwhen we fall from 10 cm or 10 m we have a really painfull animation it will be better if it was smoother espacially when we run.Reported
2019-08-24291CriticalPropellant Regulator have 3 Slots but i need for Alluminium and Copper 2 and 2 Slots,so, unable to craft duraluminReported
2019-08-24292Feedbackmessage keeps repeating "NEW APPLIANCE BUILD GOAL INITIATED".Reported
2019-08-24294Feedbackagain this Ground thing happened Reported
2019-08-24298Warningcannot eat a raw potato.Reported
2019-08-24301Feedbackplacinng, for example say 4 cloth cushions in the workbench at once, doing so consumes all teh cushions but only gives 1 stack of 4 in instead of 4 stacks of 4, all items do this if attemping to craft more than 1 at a time,, Reported
2019-08-25305FeedbackSorry i send a Bug Report but i found out how i solve this Problem with the Propellant Regulator,please ignore my Bugreport all its okay sorry for that. Now Feedback All is Good! Happy Sunday!Reported
2019-08-25306Warninga lot of mouse lagReported
2019-08-25307WarningBig fps frop when its rainingReported
2019-08-25308Warninghey guys looks wow having a pob with scanner cant find more food or carry more in baclpack thanks good jobReported
2019-08-25309Criticali stuck in capsule!Reported
2019-08-25310CriticalPropellant regulator not allowing oxygen or water tanks to be put in the machine. The new material made form ore is going where it says to place tank inReported
2019-08-25314FeedbackMission objectives are unreachable sometimes (haning on the mountaing)Reported
2019-08-25316WarningThere is no scannerReported
2019-08-26317Criticalitems dupe on relaunch when you load your save also walking up slopes is incredibily difficult compared to when we started on protues also movement seems to have had something effecting it this update and even as i type this bug report everytime u use the letter l my flashlight turns on and offReported
2019-08-26322WarningLandscape has albiet, disappeared. hmm is there supposed to be scanner in and around the wreckage?Reported
2019-08-26325WarningCerulean Lapis showing up as Zirconium in crafting Grid and utter Lack of Copper outside of Bonus drops make this beta almost impossible to live throughReported
2019-08-26327CriticalIve started over 3 times and still cant find the scanner or chisel.Reported
2019-08-26328WarningBaracks wall snaps into place while building at 90 degree perpendicular angle making build problematicReported
2019-08-26329WarningEasy to get stuck inside of chest when jumping onto a box. This has caused an interuption in gameplay more than once.Reported
2019-08-26330WarningAgain stuck on chest.Reported
2019-08-26331WarningBarracks stainless and armor walls do not allow building because the green build outline is not present on frame.Reported
2019-08-26332WarningDespite locking onto frame Barracks window will not build saying "Cannot build at this location".Reported
2019-08-26333WarningAttempting to walk through Shot Wallway frame gets player stuck at outer limit seam of structure.Reported
2019-08-26335WarningWith the current beta 7 storage crates are not saving their inventory correctly if the lid is open when the game is saved - items will usually disappear, sometimes the crate contents will revert to how they were at an earlier save. Crate contents seem to save OK if the lid is closed.Reported
2019-08-26336FeedbackA small feature request for the current beta, would it be possible to allow the player to craft recharges for the pistol grip and laser cutter tool, and also to repair the chisel or make new ones? Or is the limited tool use an intentional design decision for the current beta version?Reported
2019-08-26338WarningCopper is too rare, Food cannot be found if needed Reported
2019-08-26339FeedbackNot sure what to craft / do with workbenchReported
2019-08-26340Criticalactualy, cannot build duralium... only 3 slot avaible and 4 slot needed..... bug ?Reported
2019-08-26342CriticalDrag and drop items from inventory into quick slots is broken for me. Items appear to be stock in the air.This is a game braking expirience. Screen shot included.Reported
2019-08-27344FeedbackCerulean leaf shows as zirconium when droppedReported
2019-08-27345CriticalLack of zirconium on Site B. Respectfully request zirconium be present as sthis is stopping characters from creating the forge. Gameplay halted due to lack of crafting options.Reported
2019-08-27348FeedbackFluorine gas deposits are misspelt "Fluorine". Not sure whether the same error occurs in other areas of the game (e.g gas barrels)Reported
2019-08-27349FeedbackTyping the letter L in this feedback text box activates the "suit light on/off" hotkey. No other letter hotkeys get activated when you type their letter. Not sure if this bug occurs in other text boxes in the game (e.g chat)Reported
2019-08-27351FeedbackBe agood idea to be able to pick up inflatable domeReported
2019-08-27352WarningWrecage impossible to reach.Reported
2019-08-28353FeedbackPerformance of this game is terrible even on a RTX 2080 ti. What did u guys do to this game.Reported
2019-08-28354WarningOxygen tanks from the Character Creation screen, when put into the 02 slot, give 100 oxygen while still having 100 oxygen left in the tank.Reported
2019-08-28356CriticalOnce again, everything is empty after restoring a save of a new game.Reported
2019-08-28359CriticalTried to change controls under settings (binding left and right strafe to Q and E) and all keyboard controls stopped working. had to end task.Reported
2019-08-28360Criticalwas only walking around, hit F3 to go into inv, then hit F2 to go into build screen now i cant ESC or get out of build window. keyboard not responding. keyboard is MS 4000 ergo, pretty normal stuff.Reported
2019-08-28361FeedbackGame starting out is very confusing and difficult. You have no idea where you are, who you are, what is happening, and what has happened, or what to do. No guidance or dirextion is given. You have no tools, no idea where tools are and they can be hard to see. Reported
2019-08-28362Warningwhen you run otu of hover fuel you can no longer hover and jump is disabled leaving you stuck on and in objects with no way out.Reported
2019-08-28363Criticalkeyboard controls randomly freeze while either laser cutting debris or pistol gripping wreckage. mouse will still work but all buttons stop. just updated to latest ATI adrenaline drivers to see if that helps, and it doesnt. have to end task on exe. Reported
2019-08-28364FeedbackGame does not explain controls to you making it harder on new players. Changing controls are not saved after logging out of a game so every time you log in you have to reset controls. Reported
2019-08-28365Criticalkeep losing keyboard control in build/inv screens, and also while just walking around or collecting with cutter and pistol. keyboard just stops responding. in addition to previous feedbacks also tried running exe as admin. win10. fully updated, RX580 video. MS 4000 keyboard.Reported
2019-08-28366Warningthere should be some way to know what materials are needed for reapiring tools, and also some source of foodReported
2019-08-29374WarningIn the lates beta update, did not sure if I read anything about you taking out the able to sleep. If you did not take it out, how do a I sleep untill the next day?Reported
2019-08-29375CriticalNot sure what I did other then good into the developer feedback, but when exsiting I have no response form keyboard.Reported
2019-08-29376Feedbacksolar plane is stick out of makeshift crate.Reported
2019-08-29377Warningif look at the screen shot it show that I have 4/8 scrap rubber.Reported
2019-08-29378WarningI have put all 4 for the scrap rubber in the bins, if do the math I should get two rubber.Reported
2019-08-29379WarningI only got one scrap rubber, instead I should have gotten 2 rubber, which should I gave me 3/8 rubber not 2/8 rubber.Reported
2019-08-29380FeedbackAny chance of being able to set custom waypoints on the map? Also, for left-handed folks, do you think you could separate the numeric keypad from the keyboard numeric keys? Would be nice to be able to re-map movement keys to the keypad without having your toon chance equipped items over and over.Reported
2019-08-29386Criticalstuck on wreckage cannot escape, jump, move. was standing on a panel i was pistol grippingReported
2019-08-29387CriticalIron Sight doesnt align, Literally unplayable.Reported
2019-08-29388WarningWhen dark, there is no light from the flashlight on the ground, only rocks are lighten up.Reported
2019-08-30390WarningHaving trouble exiting Propellant regulator after dealing with trouble switching tanks for refilling.Reported
2019-08-30392Warningmakeshift workbench: if a recipe needs 2 items and you put in four, two are lost. Reported
2019-08-30393Warningsome items when using pistol grip will not deconstruct no matter how long you try. pretty randomReported
2019-08-30395Warningpropellant regulator only has three slots. duralumin requires 4 ores to build.Reported
2019-08-30396FeedbackElecrical Panel cannot be harvested completely, seems to always occur with this panel.Reported
2019-08-30400FeedbackPlacing iron into quick slot and then placing stack into storage, the item still appears in the quick slot.Reported
2019-08-30401FeedbackUnable to close the furnace utility panel and only able to interact with power cell and motor from this panelReported
2019-08-30402Warningwhen i save, leave the game, then reload, the original crash site i plundered regenerates. I dont know if this is just for beta to be nice, just thought you should know.Reported
2019-08-30403WarningDuralumin takes four slots to make, but there are only three slots available in the regulator. forge and other smelting takes duralumin to craft so this is the only way.Reported
2019-08-30406WarningEvery time i load back into a saved game, the storage container empties itself . im using it purely for ore and its empty every time i load. all my ore is on the ground.Reported
2019-08-30407Criticalcant scape manu im just stuckReported
2019-08-30408WarningUtility Panel - Furnace: Taking both motor and Power Cell - Unable to replace, saved then reloaded game. Panel could be opened and a new motor spawned in with power cell missing. Reported
2019-08-30410WarningI got stuck on top of the escape pod at the beginning of the game while salvaging. I burned half of my current hover fuel tank and cant seem to get out or jump out. I tried melee attacking my way out but that failed. and while typing this message i find myself turning on my flash light with the L.Reported
2019-08-30411CriticalDuralinum need 2 Copper and 2 Aluminium that ist not possible to build in Propellant RegulatorReported
2019-08-30412WarningAnother follow up on the stuck issue i sent earlier. I have a suggestion: SW:TOR by Bioware has a CHARACTER STUCK BUTTON in the option menu/help desk to unstick your trapped/stuck character. Maby its possible for you to add a similair mechanic in the future to prevent similair issues for players.Reported
2019-08-30414WarningI saved the game, went back into the game and found next to my inflatable tent ditch with a bunch of duplicated debris.Reported
2019-08-30415Warningitems i have collected and dropped on the ground, then put in a chest are reappearing after i come back to a game, loading from a save. so things from an earlier save where they were on the ground. but i have those items also in my chests from my most recent save.Reported
2019-08-31417WarningWhen placing a makeshift crate to build it will leave the shadow behind if canceled, please see the screenshot as I could reproduce this on demand.Reported
2019-08-31429Warningi can not sleap when i want to Reported
2019-08-31430Warninghere is dirt in my inflatable doomReported
2019-08-31432Warningi cant pick/grab componentReported
2019-08-31433WarningCant build ForgeReported
2019-08-31434FeedbackCirulean dust from harvesting plants turns into zirconium ore in a makeshift chest Reported
2019-08-31435WarningThere is no way in openbetato invite other steam players or the option is impossible to findReported
2019-09-01436Criticalcant make duralumin in the workbench/propellant station (where you can make 02 and H20).Reported
2019-09-01437WarningI just built a storage crate and everything except for my HUD and chisel became black and white.Reported
2019-09-01438Feedback?????? ????, ????? ??????????? ???? ???????? ???? ?? ??????Reported
2019-09-01443FeedbackIs there also a specific toolset required to repair items - Have tried raw materials and a few Manufactured metal alloys but to know avail, no pop up to show waht to use here apar tfrom place a solid item here. Will try some others outside, Aluminium, Iron, Steel, Tin, Chrome :DReported
2019-09-01449CriticalCARROT AND POTATO HAVE NO OPTION TO EATReported
2019-09-02455Criticalran around looking for resources and only found some titanium going all the way to about -160.00 Lat...the map is too barren of resources been playing for 5 hours now and have not made any progressReported
2019-09-02456Criticalhow do i stack the material? cant make this ingot without 4 slotsReported
2019-09-02457WarningTerrain auto leveling IS NOT a GOOD thing. Maybe lete the player adjuste the terrain himself ?Reported
2019-09-02459Warningeverything that ive ever dropped duplicates at the start of the game. These ores are just one of many. I find myself trying to build multiple storage crages to store all the junk.Reported
2019-09-02460Criticalconstantly getting stuck on objects if i jump on top of them like my workbench, storage crates, etc.Reported
2019-09-03461FeedbackFacing west cause this issue. Save and reloaded still same result. After while wait for 2 to 5 minute it goes normalReported
2019-09-03462Criticalthis game need to be fixt for sure .... and it is taking way to long .... i dont like how the menu works ,,,, so pleas do something about it cause this game is not fun to play Reported
2019-09-03463WarningAnnoying loud music you cannot change the volume in game! Reported
2019-09-03464Feedbackthe big rock looking britge is glitst ..... you can walk straight tru it Reported
2019-09-04465WarningPlaying this game solo is like going to bathroom to make shit with friends. No sense, no point, and you feel awkward... add multiplay / coop.Reported
2019-09-04466WarningIf I add 2 items instead of 1, I dont get more proper items. Everything over that 1 is lost. Reported
2019-09-05468Warningcant use bed, timer keep resetting. nothing worse than wasting time waiting for daytimeReported
2019-09-05469WarningDeployed biodome and im stuck on the railingsReported
2019-09-05470WarningShould be able to sleep as soon as it gets dark, not the middle of the nightReported
2019-09-05471FeedbackShould be a tutorial to guide new playersReported
2019-09-06472WarningThe only issue i see in the beta is the graphics options only allow me to go up to something like 1920x1200 res. rather than my native 4k. Reported
2019-09-06475Critical2x copper and 2x aluminum, i wonder how i should put 4 itemsReported
2019-09-07479Feedbackbarrack wallReported
2019-09-07481WarningProducing Hose results in reproducing scrap hoseReported
2019-09-07484CriticalNo way to build or find Pistol Grip.Reported
2019-09-08485Criticali stored stuff in my makeshift crate and when i returned it was empty. i am now not able to finish the colonise missionReported
2019-09-08486WarningVery laggy. Sad that it does not have multiplayer yet btu the graphics are the best ive ever seen in a sci-fi game. Great job. please continueReported
2019-09-08493CriticalItems laggy pls make it goodgReported
2019-09-08494CriticalMakeshift crate thing is byggy. 1 i open it up. 2 i fill it up whit stuff. 3 i dont close it!!!!!! 4 i save and log off. 5 ligg in 6 it is emty! Shit!Reported
2019-09-08495FeedbackThere seem to be a bug in which the shadow of the player moves the opposite of what the camera is, i.e if I look up the shadow will look down and vise versa Reported
2019-09-08498Warningwe should be able to start the game with more than just three resources, I always pick water, oxygen and food but then I run out of food, and I need the extra water and oxygen for back up Reported
2019-09-08499Feedbackit seem that the issue of structure reseting their position ocures when you reload a saved game Reported
2019-09-08500Feedbackwhen I reload the saved game the mission assests reset allowing to endlessly salvage the partsReported
2019-09-08501CriticalImmediately got permanently stuck on top of escape pod. Game over. Reported
2019-09-08503CriticalTool durability prevents futher material acquisition and cannot be repaired at the same time due to lack of resources.Reported
2019-09-08505Criticali keep running out of missions to help get some items and it is stop my progression copletely i cant make a radar and i cannot build a forge or anything else to progress.Reported
2019-09-08506Warningthe kneel down affect stops folks from jumping its bad when encountering hostile aliens Reported
2019-09-09507Feedbackbrocken Glass texture is missing Reported
2019-09-09509WarningNeed to be able to deconstruct/move items.Reported
2019-09-09510Feedbacktruthfully i love the game however there are alot of bugs but i dont care i only really want the multiplayer to be available so me and my buddy can explore this beautiful game together we both understand that you are a small dev team working on such a complex game and we appreciate you keep it up<3Reported
2019-09-09511Criticalcapsules still have bug were you become stuck and cant performe any actionReported
2019-09-09512FeedbackWhen crafting rubber at the makeshift workbench, placing 4 pieces of scrap rubber (one in each slot) uses all 4 pieces, but only provides 1 rubber. (Recipe calls for 2 pieces of scrap rubber per piece of rubber)Reported
2019-09-09515WarningInflatable dome glitching out after placing. Has the constructed model, as well as the wireframe placement model glitched inside of it. It does not allow me to enter the dome, and the vision goes blurry when I get close to it, and slows me down. Reported
2019-09-10516WarningCant replace the station =( have to start a new game nowReported
2019-09-10517CriticalPropellant Regulator - when trying to create Duralumin, it is asking for 2 copper and 2 Aluminum - but there are only 3 slots available to place resources in. Suggest allowing stacks of items. (It currently only allows one item to be placed in each slot)Reported
2019-09-11528CriticalIs there no way to eat or cook?Reported
2019-09-12529CriticalLiterally 1 minute in and i get stuck...niceReported
2019-09-13532Warninghaving issues placing gas bottles on the smelter sometimes they dont want to place sometimes they do.Reported
2019-09-13533Warningok the bug i reported regarding the propellant regulator seems to correct itself if you select between o2 and h2o on the menu screen then allows the bottle to be placed ...an odd bug but maybe someone can fix it.Reported
2019-09-13536Feedbackthe game looks so pretty Reported
2019-09-14537Warningcant place items in the crateReported
2019-09-15541CriticalAt game start, the Chisel and Laser cutter can either not spawn, or spawn under wreckage, making the game unplayable.Reported
2019-09-15542FeedbackThat periodical screeching noise is really anoying.Reported
2019-09-15543WarningThe jetpack really sucks ass, especially now that you nerfed it and made the fuel quantifiable. It used to be really fun, letting you get places faster, and get up important inclines.Reported
2019-09-15544WarningYour slope technology really sucks, I can barely move. This is a problem if you want to develop cool level design.Reported
2019-09-15545WarningIf youre going to drop the player in the middle of nowhere, at least give them some direction. I mean what is this? There is literally nothing to do here except become a pilgrim and walk forever. Look at how much NOTHING is on the screen!Reported
2019-09-15546WarningGive the hud some contrast so I can actually see it when lookng at bright stuff. Reported
2019-09-15547WarningThe movement in this game really sucks, at least give us some kind of early game makeshift motorcycle, like Empyrion Galactic Survival does. You should really consider this, since all we do is walk until we can afford a lab and a car.Reported
2019-09-15548Feedbackadd multiplayer to the openbetaReported
2019-09-16550FeedbackSomehow, I managed to get a stack of 7/5 scrap metal....Reported
2019-09-16552WarningShould fix where objects spawn. Slope makes it hard to get to objectsReported
2019-09-16553FeedbackI am able to dust the solar panels an unrealistic amount, and even when they are dust free.Reported
2019-09-16554FeedbackCan see inside of character when running.Reported
2019-09-16555FeedbackI feel like when the hardness is much lower than what the chisel can handle, it should take fewer hits to harvest, such as carbon, with a hardness of .5.olReported
2019-09-16556CriticalItems can be dropped inside structures. This gave me one hell of a problem, when I accidentally took a motor out of my furnace, and almost had to completely reset, as I had no more Duralumin, and no way to make it.Reported
2019-09-16557FeedbackThe depth of field is very sensitive (spelling?), to the point where I caan be about .34 metres from an object, and have the blurring effect kick in.Reported
2019-09-16560CriticalAll keyboard commands just stopped working. Reported
2019-09-17561FeedbackUI glitch/static effect happens way too frequently. Should be every couple dozen of minutes, not every few seconds. Annoying rather than interesting.Reported
2019-09-18562CriticalHow can I make Duralumin with only 3 slots but need 4?Reported
2019-09-19563Critical been on SP reg for couple yrs. Try beta. restart 4 times - by third I have a clue - get o2 and water but pick doesnt spawn. Restart - get all tools, setup for o2 and water. proceed on missions then NO FOOD.....try folage -no go, try to hunt - no go. WTF, didnt spawn with hydrozine either.aaaaaaReported
2019-09-20565WarningPlants grow through floor of dome...Reported
2019-09-21567Criticalevery time i load a savegame it delets some objects in the makeshift crate. tried to reload the game but the objects still are not thereReported
2019-09-21568Warningits rly hard to find missions ... and laser cells and batteries so that the game continues. if im out of ammo for my pistol i have to restart the whole game?Reported
2019-09-21569WarningThere are HUD iussues (in menu too) with 16:10 ratioReported
2019-09-21571FeedbackThis is too much height difference to get on the bridge without jumpReported
2019-09-22576WarningHi, cannot put things from back pack into equip slots. Works only when there already is an item in the equip slot. But it works only in one way: I can put the item from the equip slot into the backpack and then the item in the full backpack switches into the slot of the equip slots. ThxReported
2019-09-24577CriticalWorkbench eaten my pistol grip and chisel.Also this orange circle stays on the screen.Reported
2019-09-25578FeedbackCeruleqn Lapis appears as "Zirconium" when dropped on the groundReported
2019-09-26581Criticalim stuckReported
2019-09-26582Criticalim stuckReported
2019-09-27583FeedbackThe game looks good. I like everything especially the that you have to put all kind of tank so you can have a oxigen and so on, but I think you over comlicate the building process. Also can you improve the movement? It feels like a tree is trying to move - this includes climbing :))))Reported
2019-09-27584FeedbackReally good start! These changes are the start of something amazing. The idea of being able to pick a starting planet is exciting! Thank you for all of your hard work guys! Reported
2019-09-27586Feedbackscrap hose is required for propellant regulator, if you craft a "hose" you by accident or to make something else. before you make the propellant regulator. you basicly screwed at the start of the game and have to restart. Fix simple allow scrap hose to be made at bench from rubber.Reported
2019-09-27587FeedbackThis beta is beautiful, im having trouble with using my F hot keys for opening up the missions and the other things, but this looks like a movie Reported
2019-09-28590WarningThe game is pretty awsome so far but I do have a problem with it. The text sound in the top left corner is very loud and really hurts my ears when it pops up or spells something so if you could maby think about given info text a diffrent sound that could be very niceReported
2019-09-28591WarningThe game is pretty awsome so far but I do have a problem with it. The text sound in the top left corner is very loud and really hurts my ears when it pops up or spells something so if you could maby think about given info text a diffrent sound that could be very niceReported
2019-09-28592CriticalThe game text sound, that pops up in the top left corner, is very loud and is hurts my hearing very badly. It could be nice if you would change the sound of the info text when it pop up or spells something because its very damageing to gameplay when it pops up. TyReported
2019-09-28593WarningIt is very easy to get stuck on the remains of this rocket, It has happened on the side and now the top when harvesting resources. It is the rocket farthest from the spawn point near the hill.Reported
2019-09-28594FeedbackScrap Metal panels show as "Cloth"Reported
2019-09-28595WarningCant put 4 items in itReported
2019-09-30598Warningthere is a spot in the cave where you walk past a tunnel and clipped off and trapped in the cave.Reported
2019-09-30599FeedbackBelow local time, we could be able to compare how long an hour lasts on the current planet (compared with earth time). For example, 1 hour in gemini = 1 minute on earth. In my conception, that could help us planning the day.Reported
2019-10-01607CriticalStuck withou hover fuel...Reported
2019-10-01608FeedbackA timer for oxygen/water recharge in the visor...Reported
2019-10-02610FeedbackPlease give us 1440Reported
2019-10-02613CriticalSorry for the blank again. Want to click the priority first... Have to clip through rock here this time around to see my mission....circled this rock for a while before the mission completed. Reported
2019-10-02614WarningUsing 4 scrap rubber only yeilds 1 rubber. Reported
2019-10-02615FeedbackSorry to flood you. This panel probably does work. But could use a notification that my laser cutter is dead.Reported
2019-10-02616CriticalInflatable Dome does not currently replenish oxygenReported
2019-10-02618CriticalI suppose this was already reported. I am still at the crash site and so far I know there exist three basic tools I need. In my first game I found 2 out of 3, in my second attempt only one of them. These are gamebreakers.Reported
2019-10-02619CriticalI cannot eat or drink. Oxygen wont replenish even in portable tent. When I try to spawn on different planets, it just keeps putting me in same location, ie wreck. Reported
2019-10-02620WarningTerrible controls, laggy and unplayble. no tutorial, no direction, endless landscapes with little in them. I want the game I paid for and was promised, not this crap. Reported
2019-10-03621WarningHi I have very hard time finding the 3 tools required to start playing the game. Would be really usefull to have a marker for these crucial tools in the beginning. ThanksReported
2019-10-04622WarningI find it very tough to find food and it seems that the battery life of the tools is extremely limited.Reported
2019-10-04623CriticalDuralumin = 2 Copper 2 Aluminum, 4 slot, but only 3 slot in table..Reported
2019-10-05625Warningcannot fight with animalsReported
2019-10-05626Feedbacksistena de localizacao latitude e longitud e muito ruim Reported
2019-10-06629WarningPlease stop using random starter loot, it is very annoying to face unpredictable start condition. In short, it is not fun. I even not getting crucial equipment(like laser cutter) in some of my start and I had no choise but to resatart the save.Reported
2019-10-06631WarningPlease increase the carry capacity. Either bigger item stack or more inventory slot would be a great improvement.Reported
2019-10-06633WarningJust 2 buildable item suggestions at the start. A portable clockwork charger for batteries, Reported
2019-10-06634WarningNew missions are not appearing on my helmet compass. No idea where Im going. One marker has shown up (first mission) but thats it. I activated the other mission but marker still not showing up. Reported
2019-10-06637CriticalI cannot recharge my items, i cannot jump, i cannot do food, i cannot do steel, light is broken, saves is broken, everytime is dark and impossible play. Disaster all is disasterReported
2019-10-06638CriticalIm stuck because i cannot build because i havent steel. I cannot make steel because i havent diamond, i cannot do food i can do nothing. Why this beta is impossible to test? Very bad workReported
2019-10-06639CriticalUnable to create Duralum. Not enough slots on the propellent regulator for the required amount of ingredients.gReported
2019-10-07643WarningPlease make the jumping more realistic. For now the character just goes up and down like a doll.Reported
2019-10-07644WarningFix this please thats wierd how the mountain is cut.Reported
2019-10-07646CriticalCharacter gets stuck on things such as this and cant wal or jump off. Also I noticed cant pull up invetnroy screen.Reported
2019-10-08648FeedbackAre there plans to be able to put waypoints and Nav Points in the Locator. Only having the grid ref is very difficult l to Navigate to.Reported
2019-10-08652CriticalI have started over a few times now, and struggle to get far before running out of O2, even when starting with extra bottles. Exploring for build material seems realistic, but the O2 consumption prevents much more than a frantic few clicks on any satelites I have found so far.Reported
2019-10-10654WarningUnable to locate the Scanner to complete the first few missions after landing on Gemini. Restarted 3 times in case it was just bad placement, but no scanner is locateable.Reported
2019-10-10655Warningwhen climbing up to salvage a sat on the side of a cliff you become stuck and unable to get off the item without fuel in the jump jets.Reported
2019-10-11656Criticalif hover fuel runs out. character will not even jump. This can result in becoming stuck on structures.Reported
2019-10-12658Feedbackwhen will there be sandbox modeReported
2019-10-12659CriticalDuralumin needs 2 aluminum Reported
2019-10-13660FeedbackAn Alien appeared next to my base and just "glitched" around. It doesnt attack an I cant attack, tooReported
2019-10-13661FeedbackAnd here is glitching Alien number twoReported
2019-10-13662Feedbackevery item is degradable, twiceReported
2019-10-13663FeedbackW/o helmet neck and head pop out of suit.Reported
2019-10-13671Feedbackwhen can we down;oad the main branch update in englandReported
2019-10-16685WarningI build the GPS satellite dish and a solar panel but it seems as it doesnt work. Also, how is it possible to create new ammunation for the laser cutter and the pistol grib?Reported
2019-10-17687WarningGlare off tools is extreme. Needs to be toned down please.Reported
2019-10-17689Warninghey again, building those in the small inflatable habitat seems buggy on them monitorsReported
2019-10-19698WarningGetting stuck on structures if jumped on. Experienced issues with escape pod, habitat. Thanks for your effortsReported
2019-10-19699Warninggrind vanishing after saving and leaving game means i cannot progress unless i spend hours in game crafting everything. the ability to build but not demolish mean i get a build area full of shrapnell i want gone but cant so have to move litttering everything.Reported
2019-10-19700FeedbackMISIONS. why once i have located debris within the mission is it not marked on the map? ore and gas also found should be maked on map so i do not relocate each resource each time i log back in. are we not advanced enough digitally to do this? Reported
2019-10-19701Warningparts. why isnt there a way to craft parts? ore to ingot only 3 slots. i chose to grind the ore only to face i canot smelt the basic early game ore because the station only has 3 slots not 4. we are not al geeks either. game that forces geekness stops being a game"fun" for those of us dumb people.Reported
2019-10-19702Warningshould of built from the original structure. bold move especially closing the servers on the original format. and no updates worse move. suiciding your own game as if you wanted it. you lost the fun in game worse move ever.Reported
2019-10-19704Criticalhording development to hit everyone in a single hit means your players lose interest becuase of no progression. release updates regulary. keep interest peeked. i will go back to the better game you originally began with, this beta build sucks.Reported
2019-10-19705FeedbackIts to dificult to find coper or alluminium because for the cargo thing. You shoult change the ore generating rate.Reported
2019-10-19706WarningWhen I give you feedback I ineract with the wolrd, like if I am pressing L the ingameflashlight turns on.Reported
2019-10-19707CriticalIn the beta it shoult be also the sandbox opend for the players that want to check out the new pegasuss spaceshuttle youve developped. PLS open the sandbox mode pls.Reported
2019-10-20709FeedbackSMALL items is very hard put in in inventory. mouse point is too small Reported
2019-10-20710WarningAlmost imposible is find my base :) need little batter map where i have positionReported
2019-10-20711WarningTher is one big bug :( FOR EXSAMPLE start working rubber then create 4 green box if put scrap rubber in all 4 box create only one rubber anather 2 destroy not return or create 2 rubber . For exsample have 4 box 1 ruber need 2 scrap rubber always create just one rubber if put in box 4 scrap dont wor Reported
2019-10-20712Criticali am stuck in wreckage Reported
2019-10-21714Warninghow to build guys ?Reported
2019-10-22715WarningHe examined it and closed the lid and is in that place.Reported
2019-10-22716WarningFor the life of me I can not find the scanner anywhere.Reported
2019-10-22717CriticalAnother spot you can easily get stuck in. Character is permanantly unable to move. This is common when jumping ontop all kinds of debris.Reported
2019-10-22719WarningUnidentified object spawned inside of rock.Reported
2019-10-22720FeedbackMonster is stuck moving in one spot.Reported
2019-10-22724Warningzerconium does not register in furnace.Reported
2019-10-26726FeedbackAt the makeshift workbench, if you add items that are not needed for the recipe, they still are consumedReported
2019-10-26728WarningWe need some sort of unstuck command or something we can activate from the keyboard so when we get stuck in an object or terrain feature we can be moved slightly to a position on the map where we are not interacting with the map. Reported
2019-10-27731WarningRecipe for Duralumin costs 4 minerals in total (2 Cu, 2 Al) but the Prop regulator only accepts 3 minerals! I cannot proceed on the tech tree because of this! Reported
2019-10-28741WarningUnable to consume carrotsReported
2019-10-29743CriticalUnable to create materials that require 4 ingredients in the propellent regulator.Reported
2019-10-30754Criticalwhen using the wrokbench my game freezes, now when i say freezes i mean my charecter can look around I can use the work bench but I cant move at all. pressing escape does nothing I am frozen on the spot. the game itself does not crash but i have to alt F4 to leave the gameReported
2019-11-02766Feedbackduralumin cannot be created in Propellant Regulator due to the low number of slotsReported
2019-11-02767CriticalI am just stuck and cannot be freee Reported
2019-11-03768FeedbackWe need to be able to access the forge earlier than we currently can. Cannot make items necessary to utilize machines like the furnace, which requires sand to make glass so we can stop going back to the capsule for broken glass. Reported
2019-11-03769WarningThe new drag and drop crafting/storage system sucks. finding and placing from your new inventory (the floor) takes far too long and needing a large variety of items from the start just amplifies the tediousness of it. The old old system was fine. The new inventory needs a little boost to slotsReported
2019-11-04773Warningtextures randomly broke, fixed itself half way through typing thisReported
2019-11-06781CriticalCant make Duraalumin with 3 slots when it needed 4 metalsReported
2019-11-06783CriticalThis happens again turning black and white, very bad glitchReported
2019-11-06784CriticalCharacter gets stuck, need a code to unstuck itselfReported
2019-11-07788Feedbacktools should be infinant use or at least weaker once energy runs out. Also ore node broke.Reported
2019-11-07789Feedbackdas neue osiris is super aber es fehlen mehrer toolstips und mehr beschreibungern sowas wie ein hilfsdprogramm mit erklärung zu einigen tools wäre hilfreich^^Reported
2019-11-07791FeedbackDestroying plants gives you Cerulean Lapis, when it is on the ground or in a container it shows up as Zirconium. Also when typing in this your light gets turned off and on when you press the "L" key.Reported
2019-11-07792FeedbackScrap antenna sticks out of the front and back of the makeshift container.Reported
2019-11-07793FeedbackWhen you create a hose from scrap hose and put it in a container it still shows up as Scrap Hose when you mouse over it, but shows up as Hose in your inventory.Reported
2019-11-07795CriticalBlock screem Reported
2019-11-07796Criticalcan`t craft with 4 items!! so many bugs!!!Reported
2019-11-09798CriticalHow the hell do you eat? I have food - this is stupid!Reported
2019-11-09800WarningEarly start. chisel is broken and my mining tool is out of power, cant do anythingReported
2019-11-09812WarningGot a stack of carrots but no way to eat them, starving. pretty annoying - no direction, no hints.Reported
2019-11-09813CriticalNow I split my carrot stack and they all just disappeared, not in pack, not on ground just gone. Can;t eat, dying, really frustrating - game stopper.Reported
2019-11-09814WarningHose - when in a chest it says "Scrap hose, pick it up, its Hose again! Makeshift Tape, when put in a chest says Tape!Reported
2019-11-09816Warninglike a glitchReported
2019-11-09817CriticalCan`t grab the rubberReported
2019-11-09818CriticalStuck in starter wreckReported
2019-11-09819FeedbackWould be really cool if Meteors glowed after they hit the ground for a bit - they were hot from friction, makes easier to find at nightReported
2019-11-09820WarningHow do you recharge your tools? No Guidance!Reported
2019-11-09821WarningSolar Panel hangs out of the box model see pic flReported
2019-11-09822FeedbackPanel unsalvagableReported
2019-11-09823WarningCreated 5x cloth canvas , did 4x cloth bunch then 1 again. Received 8 total cloth canvas out of 5 clothReported
2019-11-09824WarningGPS I just built this and it sayts Transformer Not Functional - I just built it!Reported
2019-11-09825CriticalWhere is the Chisel!! Should be able to craft one for heaven sakes!Reported
2019-11-09826CriticalI have created 3 boxxes in line from right to left, saved at inf habitat left the game, came back in an hour, loaded up multiple items disappeared from the boxxes *box2 tottally got emptied box 3 only ores was kept** items were scrap materials, radar dish wires etcReported
2019-11-09827WarningYou cannot salvager this panel on the corridor - Progress bar of drill gun full but no loot Reported
2019-11-11832FeedbackJust asking if we are going to get the ability to disassemble items that we no longer need or we need some of the raw materials from something we made for something else. Reported
2019-11-11833CriticalStuck in wreckReported
2019-11-11834CriticalDeep of field is fail as hell.Reported
2019-11-11835Criticali cant use storage cases.Reported
2019-11-12837CriticalSTUCK ON AIR CMONReported
2019-11-12838CriticalSTUCK ON AIR CMONReported
2019-11-12839CriticalThe production resources and build order do not make any sense. There is no ingame help (unlike the production version). Per hpase this is just me but there needs to be some assistance in helping players know what order they need to gather resources and build facilities. IE build the docs for us.Reported
2019-11-12840FeedbackHow do you deploy an inflatable dome kit?Reported
2019-11-12842Critical????? ????????? ?? ??????? ?????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ??????? ? ?????Reported
2019-11-14844CriticalStuck in capsule Reported
2019-11-14845FeedbackThe walls in the bedroom are vertical, not horizontalReported
2019-11-14847Feedbacko building demolition functionReported
2019-11-14848CriticalPlease dont adapt this 3D building menu into the final build if the game, it makes playing frustraiting and tedious, this is not a VR game, it doenst require this level of "realism". The normal building menu was fine, If nots not broken dont fix it.Reported
2019-11-14850Criticalstuck in wreckageReported
2019-11-14851FeedbackThere are too few plants to eatReported
2019-11-14852Feedbackworkbench not in aktion und kann nicht alle habitat teile wie die im tunnel bauen XDReported
2019-11-15854Feedbackthe laser tool was really hard to find definitly need to make that more apparentReported
2019-11-16857FeedbackThis new crafting interface seems like it was designed to be difficult. I hope this is only used very early in the game. we need to be able to move up to somthingwhere I can place resources in a hopper, and do something else while the machine crafts my items. Like the alpha.Reported
2019-11-16859Criticali dont have a pistol grip or a laser cutterReported
2019-11-16863Criticalgot stuck inside the rocket...unable to move, jump impossible to get out unless you have jetsReported
2019-11-17865FeedbackCould really use a sort on the backpack.Reported
2019-11-17867Feedback1,Eating turnips does not increase satiety. 2,At night, the terrain appears, disappears.Reported
2019-11-18868CriticalCuando pones un cofre, a veces, en vez de poner un solo cofre se ponen 2 juntosReported
2019-11-18869CriticalCant find the stuff I need to progress. Spent over 5 hours over 3 games just to find the stuff to craft the first workbench and forge. The basic newb stuff is too rare. Rubber and scrap metal are hard to come by and it took me three games just to find some before I ran out of oxy. no laser cuterReported
2019-11-18870Criticalthe propelent regulator has 3 input slots but dualumin needs 4 to make. and you need to make it in order to advance to the next work bench. also starving to death at the begining is no fun as I cant find anything to eat anywhere. tryed killing gnats but they are unkillable.Reported
2019-11-19871WarningWhen you put the auto-Walk, doesnt consume air Reported
2019-11-19873WarningI cant do anything till you make duraalaumin cost 3 or less units to make right now it costs 4 and that makes advancement impossable. Reported
2019-11-19874Warningcrafted patch tape cant be used to craft anything.Reported
2019-11-19876CriticalLas noches son extremadamentes ocsuras, no hay ni una sola estrella en el cielo y hace que la experiencia nocturna sea un dolor de cabeza. Ya que no ves nada de nadaReported
2019-11-20877WarningThis alien is fulled buged l i cant kill and have foodReported
2019-11-20878Warninganother one XDReported
2019-11-20879WarningThis one is bugged too cant kill and have food, all the alien not attack us tooReported
2019-11-20880Warningwe not see the minerals on the minimap radar ,even if i have actived it on map menuReported
2019-11-20881Warninghave a bug here too, i cant deconstruct that , and some other on other sattelit part .Reported
2019-11-20882FeedbackSOME PHYSIQUE IS BUGGED TOO LOLReported
2019-11-21883Warningsometimes we need to try 6 than more time for try to refill the water or o2 canister...Reported
2019-11-22884Feedbacki put some items in MW, and just wanted to craft one thing but all the rest items disapeared (they have gone)Reported
2019-11-22885Feedbackwhen i use shift tab for steam chat with my friend, then turn back to game, i cant use directions of D and A (right and left) Reported
2019-11-22886Feedbacksometimes gives double items Reported
2019-11-23895Feedbackplease dont let char to get in shipwreck, im stuck and waiting too much for die..Reported
2019-11-23896Feedbackand after development feedback screen, keybord doesnt effect to quit main screen,Reported
2019-11-23906WarningOxygen is not replenished although i am inside the inflatable dome. I am suffocating!Reported
2019-11-24909CriticalMission wreckage can spawn on cliff faces. Completely in accessable.Reported
2019-11-25913Warninghello fenix fire pls this game has MANY MANY BUGs and issue we love this game and i have nodoubt this game will be awsome game of the year item graping bug no any cool mission no any weopen(on beta) and...... sorry for my gramma we are from Persia and we LOVE LOVE this game tnx we hope to fix ;)Reported
2019-11-25914CriticalThe missions dispappear!!!! Reported
2019-11-26915Warningwent back to capsule and everything is now doubled. Along with a huge crater and floating debris.Reported
2019-11-26917Criticalbeing able to build anything more advanced its required to be able to get any resouce required.. as of right now it is not possible to find copperReported
2019-11-26918Warningif we are not able to find copper in ore/veins then it should be createable in the makeshift creator, so that other items can be createdReported
2019-11-27920WarningWhen Lazer cutter was dropped while equipped I still have it in my hand. I can cut with it even though it has been dropped. Lazer cutter energy stays at the level it was when dropped.Reported
2019-11-28921CriticalWhere is the scanner it says find it i have look everywhereReported
2019-11-28922FeedbackI just wanted to tell you all WOW!!!! I loaded up the beta to check out the changes coming and just WOW!!!! You are doing great things with this game.Reported
2019-11-28923FeedbackAfter starting a few times i noticed only 1 time did I get a new mission. Is there a trigger of some kind to get first mission or are they random? Might want to have a notice about it somewhere during start so you dont sit around wondering if its gonna give you something to do. Still games amazing.Reported
2019-11-28924FeedbackOn the workbench info you have a typo for word and as nad.Reported
2019-11-28926Criticalwith this propellant regulator its impossible to make duralumin since it only has 3 slots available for storage of things to fabricate withReported
2019-11-28927Criticalimpossible to make plastic. broken plastic items cant be found or madeReported
2019-11-28928Criticallimiting storage boxes to 8-12 with current resource gathering options and crafting. stops gameplay and further testing.Reported
2019-11-29929CriticalLimiting inventory space is dissabling in modern games, please allow stacking and storing without restrictions. Implement a system that we can deploy and store tings in buffers like transporter buffers... meaning the system de-materializes stuff to store. As well as things on floor should not decay.Reported
2019-11-30934CriticalIn spawning the first time I did not recieve a chisel and was unable to continue progressing. In spawning the second time I did not recieve/find a laser cutter and was unable to progress as well.Reported
2019-11-30946Critical-Keeps prompting for a mission, but no missione shows -after clicking on item in the inventory, mouse jumps to center after pressing escape from examining item.Doing this for multiple items in inventory can be very tedious as i have to pick up the mouse to bring back to cener to recalibrate.Reported
2019-11-30947WarningI inflated hab next to rocks, it allowed itr to build though there was an obstructionReported
2019-12-02957Criticalstuck between rock and downed satiliteReported
2019-12-02959FeedbackAdd the ability to sprint up slopes. You could add a new animation for it and still have reduced speed from full sprinting. The animation could be crawling up the slopes like someone crawls up stairs.Reported
2019-12-02960CriticalCan you please make it easier to find Zicronium? I have been looking for it for about 20hours of gameplay and cant seem to find it anywhere. At least give a hint as to where it may be found. Thanks Argonautis.Reported
2019-12-03961WarningSome Ore nodes spwaned inside a big boulder. This keeps happening with trees, plants even seattilites some times.Reported
2019-12-04962Criticaltone down the difficulty a bitReported
2019-12-04963WarningYour hostile creatures are only existent. They do not move from their spawn spot other than turning in place and their general animations. They have no other actions and do not react to your presence. They do not react to melee attacks either. They might as well be inanimate rocks.Reported
2019-12-04964CriticalThere is very limitted survivability with no way to replace your Lazor Cutter, Mini Tool, and Chisel before building a Forge, which takes way too much in resource value and tool value. I could -barely- make it to build a Furnace. My Cutter is dead, my mini tool close, and my chisel incredibly close.Reported
2019-12-04966CriticalZicronium in the furnace but "build" button for zircaloy is stilldeactivated.Reported
2019-12-05967CriticalStuck on solar wingReported
2019-12-05969CriticalDropped item is inside of an environment object (e.g. rock, etc.) causing loss of itemReported
2019-12-06972Criticalflutuando presoReported
2019-12-07974FeedbackFurnace audio effects are SO loud. Tune it down PLEASE! <3 Reported
2019-12-07976WarningThere is this bug where the crash site reloads on top of itself when you load a save file. I teel like that this could be a potential framerate/gameplay issue as it grows. Makes things easier to find, though. Still need to know if scanner will not be included in crash site.Reported
2019-12-07977WarningDisplay goes into Black and White. Sometimes going into Graphics Settings and changing some settings corrects it. The problem will often persist after a fully shutdown and restart of the client.Reported
2019-12-07978WarningThe game tends to glitch out on me when ever I may jump onto one of the crashed satelites, and my character will get stuck and be unable to move while ontop of it forcing me to have to reload and lose my progress.Reported
2019-12-07980FeedbackWhen you put lapis into the makeshift crate it gets relabled Zirconium. lmao.Reported
2019-12-07981FeedbackA little easier to obtain duct tape.Reported
2019-12-07982FeedbackHi! -After load game my DOME and all workbenches was under terrain. -Oxygen and water tanks cant be input in workbench while it in equipment slot. And what with skills tree? It doesnt work now? Great thx for u! Perfect game!Reported
2019-12-08994CriticalThe propellant station: equires two copper and two Aluminum. no more slots available.Reported
2019-12-08998FeedbackSilver Reported
Total Feedback: 279Total Warning: 330Total Critical: 256